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Solar Cooker Temperature

What is a "good average" maximum temperature for a solar box oven. I have students building ovens for a project and I need a temperature that they should aim for.


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Jan 26, 2018


Aug 01, 2014
"Solar Cooker Temperature"

It should be targeted to reach somewhere between 350-400 degree Celsius.

Apr 28, 2012
by: Dana Kx

Now both comments appear--my apologies for the redundancy!

Apr 28, 2012
by: Dana Kx

Hmmm...I thought my other comment went through, but I do not see it here now. I was thinking that it would help to know some more specifics about the limitations and setting of your project to help come up with a reasonable expectation of desired temperature. Factors that might influence how high a temperature your students could hope to achieve would include:

1. The age of the students
2. Where you are located (altitude, latitude, typical amount of cloud cover, etc.)
3. The parameters of the project (what materials they are allowed to use.

Knowing a bit more what the parameters are for your students' projects might help us figure out what a possible goal-temperature might be. A pizza box solar cooker, for example, can fairly easily melt crayons. Other types of solar cookers can get hot enough for baking a roast (e.g. around 250) and still others can reach higher oven temperatures, of 350-400, given the right materials and cooperative sun.

Apr 28, 2012
by: Dana Kx

I think this is a great project. A few questions I have concerning the assignment, which might help in thinking of a range that is reasonable are:

1) what is the grade level of the students
2) where are you located (seasonal cloudiness, latitude, altitude, etc. all might have some effect on what is a reasonable expectation)
3) what are the limitations, if any, you have placed on the project (e.g. one student recently said they were to build a solar cooker without any glass, plastic, etc. limitations like that will limit the temperature the student might reach)

Best wishes, and hopefully thinking through these questions will help in brainstorming a temperature range that might be achievable for your students.

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