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Durable Solar Cooker Cover Proves Valuable

by Adventurer In

We took the Global Sun Oven (GSO) with us on our camping trip (as we always do)to the cabin in Bryce Canyon, Utah. On the freeway getting there, I forgot to tie down the oven and it caught wind and blew out of the back of the truck. We were going 80 mph and it hit the ground rolling! We were terrified to imagine how bad the damage could be. We stopped the truck on the side of the freeway and I ran back to retrieve the oven. I imagined as I was looking for it that I would find pieces of glass and wood and broken metal. I imagined the worst! 80 mph hitting the freeway could do a lot of damage to a Sun Oven. It took me a minute to find it but when I laid my eyes on it you would not believe what I found! The oven was completely intact and no broken glass.. All I can say is how grateful I am that I was using the protective cover I found for it on this website. I could not find a cover for a long time and when you offered what I was looking for, I was grateful. Today I am even more grateful because I know that the cover is what protected my sun oven. Take a look at the pictures. The cover is in pretty bad shape and some of the corners of the oven got crunched. Anyway, when we finally got to the cabin, my wife pulled out the oven, cleaned it up and made us a delicious batch of cupcakes. We love our sun oven and now we love our cover even more! We will not be taking the oven anywhere without the cover. See the pictures!


Thank you for this great narrative!
That is exactly the reason we made these protective covers for our customers, to help them protect such an important item...Their solar cookers.
80 miles per hour can launch an oven pretty fast and hard. I'm glad your Sun Oven survived.


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