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Greedy Money Maker and the expense of Humanity

by Rev. Jim Cunningham

The product itself is great. Then again, why would you buy anything unless it worked great? And yes, CantinaWest is selling this at the best retail price - I have no objections with this retailer. They're not the problem.
After all these years it is still far too expensive for those who actually NEED it. Sun Ovens Int'l, the manufacturer, is directly responsible for this absurdly high price, and they are clearly paying too much for manufacturing, or else they somehow think that they are entitled to profiteer on the idea that the buyer will save money using this item and that somehow Sun Ovens deserves a cut of those savings while pretending to care about people and the planet. Its a piece of molded plastics with some simple metal panels. Shouldn't cost more than $60 to make, if that. Sun Oven int'l is just like all of the other greedy blood sucking corporations out there. They need to bring the price down to a HUMANE price point. Your welcome to blow your hard earned money on this oven (which is three times more expensive than 95% of all the high tech appliances in your kitchen), but don't believe their hyped phony altruism or think that you're actually helping anything. Till they stop the price gouging, I'll just plug my old toaster oven into my solar generator which cost less than this solar oven. The only thing "All American" about this product is the corporate greed.

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Jul 20, 2015
Nearly free cookers
by: Rev Cal Griggs

Geez rev Jim, you really need to hold an extra prayer meeting each week or maybe get a hobby. You are just barking up the wrong tree on this one.
When Haiti had their big earthquake my wife, the assistant Rev Shawny and I donated over 200 panel cookers to the people of Haiti to help them through their hardships. We never received a thank you or a bless you, but that was OK because we knew in our hearts that we did the right thing. I have found in life, reverend, that the more you give people the more they expect. So, perhaps you and yours need to go to the poor countries and help them at the source. What is it that they say, "give a man a fish and he will have a meal, teach the man to fish and he will never go hungry" of something like that.
You do need to do a little research into the cost of producing these cookers and you might be surprised that the profit margins are not that great. Just saying.
God Bless You Brother.
Rev. Cal Griggs
Church of the "I told You Not to Sin!

Jul 19, 2015
by: Rev. Jim Cunningham

To those of you who think you are cute by trying to character-assassinate me, for your information I do not accept money or get paid anything in my ministry; in addition to the ministry I also work for a museum by which I make enough money to pay my own bills. So you are welcome to stow your self-righteousness along with your greed in mocking me to defend the money-makers rather than standing up for the poor for whom the manufacturer claimed they made it for.
And to correct your twisting of my words, I didn't claim there was a solar oven for only $60 or that there should be one for $60 - I said it should not cost more than $60 TO MAKE one. For your much needed education, the best solar oven ever made is the ALL SEASON SOLAR OVEN, designed by a Veteran and is the ONLY solar oven to function from sun rise to sun set, cooks a whole chicken perfectly in four hours, uses ZERO metal in its body (except for the 6 small assembly bolts) and won't scald children! It retails for a mere $99 on Amazon.

May 05, 2015
Great expose
by: Rev Caleb Smythington

Say Reverend, have you ever priced the setup fees for any plastic item? Just the molds themselves can run hundreds of thousands of dollars, then the plastic, labor to make the shells, then the labor to put it together, shipping and packaging are not free. Plus the man has to make some money for his idea.

Maybe you should do like I do at my church, The Church of What's Happening Now, just take up an extra collection and God will provide the rest. After all, we are also "Fleecing the Flock" aren't we?

May 05, 2015
by: Gene

Reverend, when will your $60 oven be available? Our family uses our Sun Oven every sunny day. I would like two of them if they are the same size as the Sun Oven, but could you make a model maybe fifty percent larger so that we could put side dishes in also? It should add maybe a dollar to the $60 retail price, considering the volume discount that would be given you by materials suppliers for buying a greater quantity of components etc.

Also, may I suggest that you include your solar generator(will you be manufacturing one of these yourself to reduce the cost?) with each sale? That would be one those great: "But WAIT, there's more!" moments!

I commend you on your vision for affordable alternative cooking appliances, and think that, with your non-profit tax exemption status and the collection plate offerings, there will be one of your ovens(and generator) in every household.

God bless,

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