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Solar Cooker Disclaimers: Manufacture and Quality Issues

Solar Cooker Disclaimers: Hot Pot Solar Panel Cooker

Your Hot Pot Solar Cooker is brand new, and has never been used before.

The blue plastic protective coating is removed at the factory before being boxed.The reasons, according to the importer/distributor is so that they can cut down on landfill waste by preventing so much plastic from ending up in the trash rather than being recycled.

The manufacturer and the importer of the Hot Pot Solar Cooker state that; all reflector panels, due to the nature and method of folding and storing the panels will have slight to moderate indentations and lesions caused by the slight protrusion of the rivet heads. There is no way to avoid this effect completely due to the fact that the different sections of the panels rest upon each other when in the closed (stored) mode.This in no way diminishes the ability or effectiveness of the solar reflector panels to reflect and concentrate the suns rays onto the cooking vessel. It is considered more of an aesthetic concern. Most all panels usually will have the slightest of an impression due to the slightly rounded or raised head of the rivets that are used in the manufacture and assembly of the reflector panels.The manufacturer states that the rivets used in the panel construction are the least obtrusive available, but will still protrude slightly and can create a slight impression when in the folded or stored stage.

Indentations are common on the reflector panels due to the foldable and collapsible nature of the panels as well as any weight from being stacked in transit and storage.In fact, all panels will eventually show these slight indentations due to the rivet location on the panels when they are in the folded/stored mode.That being said though, there are some panels where the indentation is much more noticeable due to the manner they were folded and then stored, usually with some extra weight being the main cause for the indentation by the rivet. Even the "famous" Global Sun Oven has this issue with their polished aluminum panels when they are folded in the storage mode as well. All of the Hot Pot sets sold throughout the world have this same inherent condition, of course some panels showing less signs of this particular "effect" than others depending on how they are folded and stored. We understand and realize that these slight blemishes do not necessarily look good, or rather, can diminish somewhat the overall appearance of the solar panel cooker. Thousands of Hot Pots have been sold and used through out the world over a period of many years and still function as effectively as when they were first purchased, even after much use and wear.

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