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Rocket Stoves

Rocket Stoves are one of the most efficient forms for burning bio-mass fuels that are available on the market...

StoveTec Rocket Stove
Grover Rocket Stove

Now,why would a Solar Cooking website suggest High Efficiency Rocket Stoves? 

Well, since we know that no place in the world has sunshine 24 hours a day, we wanted to help people to know of, what many consider, the second best alternative for cooking ones food, and that would be a highly efficient wood, or bio-mass burning stove. 

* Use your Solar Cooker when the sun is shining and use your Rocket Stove when it is not, and that way you will always be covered.

With a rocket stove you can cook a full meal with a minimum of fuel, very little smoke and highly concentrated and efficient heat production with minimal heat loss.

A rocket stove is efficient because of certain factors and principles.

  • The rocket sleeve insulates around the fire.
  • They use a short, insulated chimney right above the fire to help burn up the smoke and speed up the draft.
  • They maintain a good fast draft from under the fire, up through the coals rather than above the coals which can actually cool the fire.
  • They have unrestricted airflow and the spaces through which the air flows are not too large and usually uniform in size.
  • They usually use a grate under the fire.
  • The heat flow path is insulated as well in a good rocket stove.
  • And finally, a good rocket stove maximizes the heat transfer to the cooking pot using properly sized gaps, none too large where heat can disparate into the air.

The Benefits of a good rocket stove fall within these general parameters.

Boil 5 Liters of Water in 20 Minutes

  • Spend Less Time Cooking

Uses 40-50% Less Fuel

  • Spend Less Time Collecting Wood or
  • Spend Less Money Buying Wood

Burns 50-70% Cleaner

  • Breathe Less Smoke and Face Fewer Health Risks

Here at Solar Cooker at Cantinawest we carry two of the best rocket stoves on the market, the:

SilverFire Survivor-Rocket Stove

StoveTec Rocket Stove

For more general, as well as purchase information on the SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove

Grover Rocket Stove

Grover Rocket Stove

For more general, as well as purchase information on the Grover Rocket Stove

Solar Cookers, Rocket Stoves; even wind and thermal energy, all of the many different devices becoming available to us help to make up a comprehensive and effective means of more sustainable living. We all can do something to help ease the difficulties, burdens and challenges we are finding ourselves in more frequently as the world's economic, political and natural conditions change at an unprecedented pace.

These times require us all to do our part even if it is only by means of small steps in the right direction. 

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