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Solar Cooking Photos Page 2

This page is dedicated to everything solar cooking!

Send us your photos and write-ups on your experiences with solar cooking and we will publish them here on our site.

Also see our new videos on the different major commercial solar cookers at Solar Cookers Videos.

**If you would like to promote your solar cooking events, classes or get together please go to our "solar classes" page.

Solar Panel Cookers used in Africa 

Homemade Solar Box Cookers used in Africa

Villagers using homemade box cookers.

More African Villagers with panel cookers

Solar cooker in a basket- Nepal

A solar box cooker outside of Cuban Restaurant

Solar cookers festival in Washington D.C.

Actor Ed Begley at Sundance Film Festival 2007

A "Heavens Flame" solar box cooker 

Jim LaJoie's All Season Solar Cooker

Parabolic Solar Cooker made from discarded printing press plates, made by Paul Webb of Australia

parabolic from printing plates

Well Built Homemade Solar Cooker by Les McEvers

2nd Prototype

Les McEvers Homemade Solar Oven

Les McEvers' Homemade Solar Cooker doing ribs
(this was his third prototype)

Les McEvers Homemade Solar Oven 3

Les McEvers' Homemade Solar Cooker
(4th prototype)

Les McEvers Homemade Solar Oven 4

Frying a pork chop in the Les McEvers Solar Oven

Solar Cooked Pork Chop
Solar Grilled Cheese

Les McEvers Solar Oven Grilled Cheese Sandwhich

Fried Chicken Solar Style

Les McEvers Solar Oven Fried Chicken

Solar Frying Chicken

Les McEvers Solar Oven Fried Chicken

Solar Baked Cookies

Les McEvers Solar Oven Baked Cookies

Summer Monsoon building up over St. George, Utah in the late summer months can make solar cooking a challenge, but if you get it done early (by 3:00 PM) you can usually beat the clouds.

Baking Chocolate Cheesecake in the GSO

Finished Chocolate Cheesecake

The delicious results of our solar baking experiment...this cheesecake was one of the best I have had.

CK200 with bacon and Solar Burner with Sausage

Cookup 200 Parabolic frying bacon

Two new protective covers for AA Sun Oven

and for 3.5 ft. and 5 foot parabolic cookers

Leaving a parabolic uncovered next to a house even on an off-angle can do damage to the stucco :(

And a parabolic next to a wooden trailer, uncovered, can also do a number on the wood, even at an off-angle. :(

It's best to use these powerful tools properly and for more useful cooking

Maybe some taquitos and hotdogs would be more beneficial than a burnt trailer...

I never waste my Halloween pumpkins, carve them the day before and the day after they are still nice and fresh for solar cooking

After they are all cooked up in the solar oven then it is time to make the pumpkin pie mixture, which you can find on this site on our recipes page

Fresh pumpkin pie mixture going into the pre-heated Sun Oven (pie crust was pre cooked as well, to make it crispier)

Finished pumpkin much that we were eating pie for days afterward (5 pies)

Curing Cast Iron on my Solar Flame Parabolic

Popping Corn on the Solar Burner in between clouds and sunshine

Share with all of us your Solar Cooking Experiences, Events and Photos

We would like to know all about your Solar Cooking Experiences; successes and failures as well as the cookers you use, whether homemade or manufactured.

Share as much detail as you would like...even submit photos as well.

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