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Solar Cookers Videos

Watch our Solar Cookers Videos to see and learn about the top commercial solar cookers available on the market.

  • See how to set them up and take them down.
  • See what materials are used in their manufacture.
  • And get a few tips on how they work and how to best use them.

You can also visit our other site pages to find out more specific details on each solar cooker, such as size, weight, materials, costs etc. etc. Solar Oven Comparisons

In this video you will see the popular Hot Pot Panel cooker, a solar cooker that has rapidly taken the number two spot behind the Global Sun Oven.

This is a small clip of Cantinawest's "Solar Burner" parabolic solar cooker. Here you can see the main difference between the standard and traditional panel and box cookers and a parabolic, or concentrated solar cooker

This cooker functions more like your stove top burner... 

This solar cooker video shows the versatile and unique SOS Sport Solar Oven, a solar cooker that has become a favorite with many and is being used very successfully in many parts of the world as well as in the United States.

This video is of the very well known, and the top selling, solar cooker in the world; the Global Sun Oven. The Sun Oven has been around for a long time and has received some very useful and beneficial upgrades, making it even better than before.

In this Solar Cooker Video you will see the three main styles of solar cookers with a view of Cantinawest's "Solar Burner"parabolic solar cooker, available for sale on our site.

Now, we would like to share some other videos from miscellaneous solar cooks; "spotlighting" their own homemade solar ovens and solar cookers...

Everything from parabolic trough cookers, to solar box ovens and solar panel cookers.

Here is a great video from a customer of ours, Raymond Lohengrin, showing great use of his solar parabolic cooker

A video from a Couple who made their own solar cooker based on a permanent base as well as making it weather resistant and easy to use.

Solar Cooked Spanish Paella on the Solar Burner

Solar Parabolic mounted on building balcony

Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker

*click the icon in bottom corner of screen to enlarge screen

Solar Cooked Popcorn

Solar cooking a pie

*click the icon in bottom corner of screen to enlarge screen

Solar cooking a pie-part II

*click the icon in bottom corner of screen to enlarge screen

Solar Scrambled Eggs in Winter

Solar Cooker Medley

Parts 1 & 2

A full Day of Solar Cooking on a Sunny November Day

Instructional Video and Highlights of the Copenhagen Lite (Compact) Solar Cooker

You can purchase a Copenhagen Solar Cooker on this page

This Solar Cooker is manufactured and available in Turkey and surrounding countries

website in Turkish and English:

*click the icon in bottom corner of screen to enlarge screen

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Rate A Solar Cooker: What is your favorite Solar Cooker, and Why?

The Global Sun Oven... The SOS Sport... The Hot Pot... The Cookit? Heavens Flame? Parvati? "Solar Burner"...or some other?

Which is your favorite and why do you like (it) more than any other?

Do you have more than one... and why?

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