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Sustainable Living: Beyond Solar Cooking

Sustainable living has become the new mantra over the last few years...

And while solar cooking can be a great means for saving energy, eating healthier, and can even be an enjoyable hobby…

...there are also numerous supplementary ways and means of caring for our own personal health, our communities, our environment and the abundant and diverse natural resources that God has seen fit to bless us with on this beautiful planet earth. 

Along with a keener interest in cooking food with the energy of the sun, many people have also gained a desire to learn of other ways and means to live healthier, more natural and fulfilling lives.

Compost pile

Composting organic waste

Fresh Organic Produce

Fresh Organic Produce


Solar Technologies

...Lately, among the U.S population, there has been a resurgence of interest in alternative methods of * crop and food production, * low impact living, * alternative energy sources, *more sustainable and responsible use of our land and its connected resources. 
Even large corporations down to small businesses are looking into more environmentally friendly and resource efficient means of doing business.

At this point in time it is fashionable to be "green", and in many ways this is a good thing if it will help to promote a change in the way we look at our current economic, business, political and societal models.

Many of the so called green movement ideas, solutions and methods are well intention-ed but not economically practical; nor are they sustainable. And a great many are nothing more than political, social or business schemes designed to play off of the fears and greed that are so prevalent in times of scarcity or crisis.

While we at Solar Cookers at Cantinawest are advocates of a responsible and caring stewardship of our nation, our communities, our families and, yes, our environment, we ask that all of us as individuals respect the rights, freedoms, and privileges of each human being to pursue his or her own course in life without the fear of intimidation or retribution.

We therefore feel that clarification and education are the means to bringing people to a greater and more enlightened understanding of our current situation and circumstances and to the potential solutions for positive end results.

Therefore we are working to do our part in educating people on the many personal and societal benefits and advantages of solar cooking.

wind,solar powe

And we also know that there are many more individuals and organizations out there who are anxiously engaged in the work of helping others come to a knowledge of additional and unique methods of sustainable living and are helping mankind to live more peacefully, more prosperously and more responsibly in this world of ours.

In this cooperative spirit we would like to suggest some other resources for learning and information that may be of interest and help to those of you who have liked and enjoyed what you have leaned on our website; information that may relate to, and further what you have been learning here with us.

Path to Freedom: Urban Homestead - One family's successful ventures into Ultra Sustainable living, right in the heart of the city...very good (featured in YouTube video above)

Top Alternative Energy Sources - provides comprehensive information on all forms of alternate energy, including solar, wind, water and geothermal energy. You can even learn how to run your car on water.

Red Acre Farm CSA - A wealth of information on gardening in general and growing food that is better than almost anything else you will find available.

Resources for sustainable living. A wealth of great information on all kinds of related topics.

Desert Sustainable Living. A great site for learning what works in desert environments. This is a very nice site with great information on how you can become "green" in many different ways and through many different means. Take a look with a greener perspective. On this site you can find information and references to all kinds of environment friendly products and services that will help in your own "green" efforts.

RV Living and Solar Cooking as a full time RV-er

Solar Guild of Tucson, AZ

For information about using solar as well as their Annual Solar Cooking Potluck Citizens for Solar.

Besides the obvious benefits to mankind and the environment; of living in a sustainable manner, there will come a time when alternative means of “doing and living” will help us to better confront and deal with periods of disaster, trouble, unrest and scarcity.

Being prepared beforehand, for any emergency, will be the source of peace and stability for our families and communities alike. We feel that Solar Cooking can play an essential part in your Emergency Preparedness plans and preparations too. Emergency Preparedness with Solar Cooking

See also our Newest Rocket Stoves for Sustainable Living

For Emergency Preparedness and Survival Products and information, visit our site: Cantinawest Survival.

Solar Energy Applications; beyond Solar Cooking (alternative energy)

  • How do you use solar energy (or other) to conserve/save energy, money and resources?
  • Do you live off grid?
    What has worked for you? What would you do differently?
  • Not living off grid, but still use alternative sources of energy, what do you do?
We would love to hear how you have used solar energy, as well as other forms of alternative energy, to make you life a little better and the world a nicer place for all.

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See also our Newest Rocket Stoves for Sustainable Living. 

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