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Solar Christmas Gift Ideas:
The Gift that is Emergency Essential and Environmentally Friendly

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Solar Cooker Christmas Gift Ideas; For everyone in your family and your circle of friends.

Help them be more prepared and green this year.

Are you looking for some unique gift ideas (Parabolic Cooker) for that special someone?

Or do you just need a cool gift idea (All American Sun Oven) that lets people know you are thinking outside the box, while at the same time, showing that you really did put some thought into the gift?

Why not give a gift that stands out from the rest, a gift that will be remembered and used for many years to come, a gift that counters all of the traditional overindulgence and extremism of the holiday season.

Of the many creative gift ideas available to the consumer, may we suggest considering something that will fit with the mood and sentiment of the times, something that proclaims thrift, economy, and frugality, in fact a gift that evokes change and evolution in ones thinking.

May we suggest giving something that makes a statement on behalf of you the giver; something that says you care and are concerned about that special someone, and at the same time shows your concern and their concern for our nation and our environment.

Check out our Christmas Specials and Pricing on several of our top selling and highest quality solar cookers. These will make the ideal gift for family, friends and colleagues.

All American Sun Oven

only $329.00

Solar Burner Parabolic Inexpensive, but powerful...$170.00

Hot Pot Panel Cooker

only $134.99

SolSource Parabolic

Best Design and quality...$439.00

And see additional low priced solar cookers that are designed for compact and portable use.

See our Copenhagen Light panel cooker

SunFlair Panel Cooker with accessories

And many more...

May we suggest that an Eco-friendly gift is the way to go this year?

With all of the attention that has been focused on energy, the environment and the economy, why not give a Solar Christmas Gift that will indeed contribute towards the efforts of curbing the misuse, abuse and waste of energy so prevalent in our world today.

Why not give a gift that will literally keep on giving in more ways than one, a gift that gives because it never consumes; a gift that uses the free and limitless abundance of our sun. What more unique gift idea than to give a Solar Oven for Christmas?(We believe that nothing is as fun, compelling, educational, and adventurous as learning to cook with the power of the sun…Not only that, it is practical and downright economical)

A solar cooker is the ideal gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your family.

Take it camping, fishing, hunting, hiking on picnics and more.

  • You can use a solar cooker to fry up that fresh caught fish at the lake, without the concerns of building a fire.
  • Cook your family's dinner in the mountains while hiking and enjoying nature at your favorite National Park.
  • Keep the coffee and chili hot for the hunter's return to camp after a successful day in the field.
  • Roast a chicken or hot dogs for your family outing at the park or at the beach, without having to fire up the gas or briquette grill.

The reasons for giving a Solar Cooker for Christmas are limitless when you realize the great benefits that can come to those who discover the joys of cooking with the sun.

  • …A solar cooker is the perfect gift for the person who has every thing.
  • (…as they probably don't have a solar oven)
  • A solar cooker is the right gift for your family's Emergency Preparedness or Food Storage Program.
  • A solar cooker costs nothing to run, and can be used unlimited amounts of times.
  • A solar cooker will help you save money by decreasing your budget's bottom line…
  • Use your solar cooker for emergencies, for outings, for added cooking capacity at home or even use it for all of your everyday cooking needs.

More Videos of Solar Cookers

* Thinking of buying a Solar Cooker for family and friends? We have special pricing for quantity purchases of many of our solar cookers.
Click here to see more details

*To learn more about solar cooking and how it can benefit you, your family, your budget, and the environment visit the rest of our website's pages specific to your questions or needs. 

*And, for when the Sun is not shining Check out our Rocket Stoves and see why a rocket stove is a great back up for Solar Cookers

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Solar Oven Comparisons of all the top brands.
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Purchase Info Hot Pot Solar Cooker
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Books on Solar Cooking

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