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Solar Cooking Photos Page

This page is dedicated to everything solar cooking!

Use this page especially for solar cooking photos and essays on events and happenings that you would like to share in order to promote the joys and benefits of cooking with the power of the sun.

Send us your photos and write-ups on your experiences with solar cooking and we will publish them here on our site.

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June 2012 Monument Valley Solar Cooking Eagle Scout Project

Arriving in Monument Valley, Utah Navajo Reservation for our week of teaching solar cooking for my son Joshua's Eagle Scout Project

Joshua setting water to boil on the new Solar Burner he finished assembling.

-Monument Valley

Preparing Lamb/Mutton Stew with all the veggies ready to go into the Sun Ovens

Sun Oven Stew

Placing the Mutton Stew in the Sun Oven- Monument Valley, Utah

Learning how to use the Global Sun Ovens. Three of these Sun Ovens were given, through donations, to several deserving individuals and families-Monument Valley

Learning about the Solar Burner Parabolic and how it functions

Two Sun Ovens and a Solar Burner braced for the winds, just in case a gust tried to tip one.

Lamenting the puffy clouds and lack of sunshine. They were intermittent so it did not affect the cooking very much.

A fresh baked batch of sweet rolls from the Sun Oven, which took about 35 minutes to cook

Fresh Sun Oven Sweet Rolls which disappeared quite quickly.

Showing how to wash down the panels of the Solar Burner with hot, soapy water                        ...a 60 second job

Demonstrating how to pop some popcorn on the Solar Burner in a cast iron frying pan

Finished Solar Parabolic Popcorn for our late afternoon snack

March 03, 2012 Solar Cooking Demo at Carl Hayden Community High School, Phoenix, Arizona

Solar Cooking Phoenix

Bruce Joseph from Tucson, AZ and his famous mounted Fresnel Lens Cooker

The Principal of Carl Hayden High School checking out the Fresnel Lens Cooker

Fresnel Lens Cooker
Villager" SOLAR OVEN"

Jack Bowman and Bruce Joseph swapping solar cooker stories

Jack's Homemade 12 sided solar cooker

solar cooker
Homemade solar cookers

Jack Bowman's other homemade solar cookers

Norma Bowman and my wife Patricia (our great helpers)

solar cooking
Solar Cooking Class

Phoenix, AZ Solar Cooking Demo Participants learning about solar cooking

More interested observers at the March 2012 Phoenix Solar Cooking Demo

solar oven recipe


This photo shows one of my sons, Joshua, looking in on some solar lasagna, a ten pound lasagna in fact. The solar oven you see is one I purchased from a company called Tulsi. They are located, and manufacture the ovens, in India.

Solar Cooker lasagna

This photo is of my son, Joshua, holding up a nicely baked salmon using our SOS Sport Solar Oven. This oven is manufactured here in the States; Minnesota.

Solar cooking Salmon
Solar Cooker Bacon

Here I have a tray of crisp (shrunken) bacon that I pulled out of my Sport solar oven. 

Here are three of my solar cookers taking advantage of the abundant sun here in St. George, Utah.

Solar box cooker, solar panel cooker
Solar cooker pot roast

Here you can see a beef pot roast through the glass lid of my "Hot Pot" solar cooker. I love to use this solar cooker, it is great for all kinds of slow cooked dishes. The longer I cooked the roast the more tender it was.

A photo of several women in Mexico using a Hot Pot solar cooker to cook up a traditional stew. The Hot Pot is also manufactured in Mexico. 

Hot Pot Solar Cooker

Here you can see what two solar box cookers can do with bread and a full chicken dinner. Both were made from materials found in any household or building supply store. 

Solar Box Cooker
Solar Box Cooker ,bread

Another example of a solar box cooker doing its job of baking cookies.

And some brand new solar box cookers given to village members in Bolivia.

Solar Box Cooker, cookies
Solar Box Cookers, Bolivia

A man who manufactures solar box cookers for sale and use in the vicinity of his shop in a country in Africa.
More solar box cookers being used in Peru. 

Solar Cookers, Africa
Solar Cooking, Peru

**Below are some of the photos taken during the October 18th 2008 Solar Cooking Class held on behalf of the Vegetarian Society of St. George.

My wife and daughter helping prepare the food.

Here I am giving some instruction and information on solar cooking to the participants while the solar cookers do their work.

**We had six cookers going at once to cook up grilled onions, broccoli and cauliflower, refried beans, baked cinnamon apples, and peanut butter cookies.

solar oven class, St. George, Utah
solar cooker class, St. George, Utah
solar ovens class, St.George, Utah

Students and Instructor in front of the solar ovens discussing the finer details of how to cook using the sun's energy. 

solar cooking class, St. George, Utah

Here below we have a photo showing several parabolic solar cookers being used on an industrial scale in southeast Asia.

The second photo shows a solar cooker sales representative in Africa who goes throughout her area teaching solar cooking skills, repairs and sales of cookers. 

parabolic solar cooker
solar box cooker, Africa

October 23, 2008

I made this wheat bread using my Sport Solar Oven on a day where the ambient temperature was about 74°F. At cook time it was only about 65°F. 
It took an hour to cook. 

solar oven wheat bread

This is what happens when one foolishly leaves a parabolic uncovered and unattended

SolSource Parabolic

Browning ground beef on our new Solsource Parabolic November 2013 (wrong date on photo)

Los Tres Caballeros working in the snow (rare snowstorm for St. George) 25 F outside and 350 F in the ovens

Solar Cooked Gingerbread Giant Cookie Puzzle (it takes ten minutes to cook in the Sun Oven)

Reheating Homemade pizza in the Sun Oven for lunch on a cold December day. I prefer it heated this way rather than the microwave which makes it soggy.

Bart Orlando's Giant Satellite Dish Parabolic Cooker (2700 F it can generate; can melt metal)

* More Solar Cooking Photos 1

And some more photos of solar cookers

And a few more photos

Share with all of us your Solar Cooking Experiences, Events and Photos

We would like to know all about your Solar Cooking Experiences; successes and failures as well as the cookers you use, whether homemade or manufactured.

Share as much detail as you would like...even submit photos as well.

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*More solar cooking photos 2 
* Solar Cooker Photos- St. George, Utah Summer 2009
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