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Solar Cooking Instructor Flagstaff Arizona area

Thank You for your interest in learning about solar cooking and solar cookers.

  • Here you can email me to find out the availability of classes and seminars on the art of using the energy of the sun for cooking delicious and nutritious foods.

  • We offer classes or demos at different times of the year and would very much like to teach your group, organization, or families this unique skill for not only your nutritional benefit but also your own economic and environmental benefit.

Register for Lisa Rayner’s annual solar cooking workshop. Learn how to construct and use solar cookers, solar food dryers and insulated box cookers to cook or dry food. Lisa will have multiple cookers in use and will cook an entire meal to be eaten by the students. Call (928) 526-7644 to register.

You can email me, Lisa Rayner, at

Get ready for a whole lot of Summer Solar Cooking...
Arizona Style.

Again Thank you for your interest in the art of Solar Cooking. 

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