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Solar Cooking Teacher/ Annual Event, Niland California

Thank You for your interest in learning about solar cooking and solar cookers.

  • Here you can email us to find out the availability of classes,seminars or events on the art of using the energy of the sun for cooking delicious and nutritious foods.
  • We offer classes at different times of the year and would very much like to teach your group, organization, or families this unique skill for not only your nutritional benefit but also your own economic and environmental benefit.

Join us For our "Annual Solar Potluck in Slab City (Niland) California"

"Every fourth Wednesday of every January Solar Mike and Sun Oven Joy puton a feast for the community. It is Pot Luck and it is Solar Cooking Demonstrations and Cooked food from the Solar Ovens and Cookers.

Eats start at 1:00 PM. Solar cooks are encouraged to come early and setup. There are four solar cooks from this Group that I know of that willbe there. There is Me, Solar Mike, SunOvenJoy, and Larry of breadbaking fame. Smiley may bring his homemade oven. I will bring myancient Global Sun Oven and the Octagon Parabolic.

Sun Oven Joy has a recipe pamphlet that she may make available. She hasbeen solar cooking for decades. She has experimented with many SolarCookers, but her bread and butter cookers are the GSOs. Larry isbringing his GSO."

You can email me, Vernon, at

Again Thank you for your interest in the art of Solar Cooking. 

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