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Welcome, to all who have come searching for "enlightenment" on the subject of Solar Cooking.

On this site we will shed some "sunlight"on a relatively new subject...the art of cooking your everyday food with the power of the Sun.

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  • You can learn how to construct your own, fully functioning and effective, solar cooker using simple household materials.

  • You can learn which of the commercial brands of solar cookers is most practical, efficient, economic and the most readily available.You can also see videos of the leading commercial solar cookers at solar cooker videos

  • You can learn what foods are best and easiest to cook in a solar cooker and how to prepare many different recipes on a step by step basis.

  • You will also find photos of people using solar cookers around the world on a daily basis, illustrating the great benefits that these cookers have brought into their lives.

  • You will also see how it, and other green systems, can have a positive impact on our environment and our future quality of life.

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I spent at least 1/2 hour or more looking around your website the day I ordered my cooker. I loved the website and I particularly remember the instructions about the building a hay-box. I'm a happy camper with the way you do business and you can bet if anybody asks; I'll be recommending you as a source of solar cookers and ideas about solar cooking. 

Will be in touch.

Your very satisfied customer,
Dave LaPlant--California

...we invite you to come and explore the fascinating world of Solar Cooking.

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