2 Quart canning jar

by The Parowan Prophet
(Parowan Utah USA)

I am painting (BLACK) a 2 Quart Ball or Mason Jar used for canning fruits and vegetables in a water bath caner that boils water for an hour.

I will be putting that JAR (BLACK) outside, with the lid on the JAR inside a cardboard box pointing at the sun. My question is should I paint the inside of the BOX "Black"?? like the JAR OR should I line it (the BOX INSIDE) with Aluminum Foil to be around the BLACK JAR? Glass will cover the Box---- so would I get "MORE" HEAT with the inside all BLACK (ALL Black) -- OR get more HEAT-- LINED with foil on the insides of the box? I will tilt the box so it has perfect alignment with the sun.

The JAR will be slightly sealed (Hand tight) I know pressure does increase heat.

Thank you for your answer. I am warning of world war 3 BEGINNING "Near" Christmas time.

I speak to millions on world radio. GOOGLE the Parowan Prophet

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