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by James
(Shelbyville, Ky. US)

Onions and fresh eggs on the SolSource

Onions and fresh eggs on the SolSource

Onions and fresh eggs on the SolSource
Solar Cooked Omelet on the SolSource...with cheese
My solar cooked Solomelet turned out pretty good

This week I went with a omelet - I have a series of camping trips coming up, and I thought I'd see how eggs cooked on this. Bacon might have to wait until later as I didn't have any handy.

I will be doing this again, most likely this weekend if we have any sun!

I added the onions first, and let them cook until translucent. Then I cracked three eggs and let them cook.

I use a Green+Life ceramic pan, and the non-stick coating is really doing well! You will notice in the pictures that the surface isn't completely level...but I'm not cooking for royalty. If I were cooking for company, I might put a shim under some of the legs to level it, but if I were cooking eggs for company, I doubt appearance is of high importance :)

I haven't ever had eggs with onions cooked into them. It imparts a sweet flavor that I didn't expect. I added some cheese before it had time to cool, and ate with my hot sauce of choice (Cholula)

This could disgust some people - - everyone has their own preference when it comes to eggs. Play around with it! This was a quick/easy dish that I would highly recommend. Bacon should be in a future post!

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