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The Evolution of the Grilled Cheese

by James Wampler
(Shelbyville, Ky)

 SolSource Grilled cheese and meat sandwich

SolSource Grilled cheese and meat sandwich

 SolSource Grilled cheese and meat sandwich
Where to start?...bread and cheese
Sandwhich halfway there
All the fixings for a cheese, hotdog, turkey solar concoction

We had an unexpectedly beautiful sunny day this Saturday! The forecast called for mostly cloudy, but we experienced almost un-interrupted sunlight through most of the day!

Because I wasn't expecting to cook anything, I peered into the refrigerator to see what we had. There wasn't much to work with. I went with a slice of mystery cheese and some bread. Who doesn't like a good grilled cheese???

As I took the cheese and bread outside, I began to wonder if there wasn't anything else I could to to the sandwich to make it pop. We had a little bit of leftover sliced turkey...

I pulled the sandwich off the grill and slid some turkey in there. It still seemed to be missing something....

Hot Dogs. It was missing hot dogs. In they went!

I'm pretty sure this is the spirit behind a good dagwood sandwich. Unfortunately for the dagwood, we were pretty much out of sandwich making ingredients.

Due to the copious amounts of melted butter, cheese and hot dogs, I split this sandwich with a friend. I enjoy an unhealthy meal as much as the next guy, but I do try to enjoy in moderation.

I would give this sandwich a 5 on the taste-scale.

I would rank it a 2 on the health-scale (I DID use whole wheat bread from a bread store in town, that counts for something, right?

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