Where are solar cookers used?

by maddie
(stamford, connecticut, USA)

Can you give us a list it is for a project for school.Thanks!


Hi Maddie,

Where are solar cookers used?
That's a good question...

They are used in almost every country in the world, but of course, some countries have more ideal "sun" days than others.

I know of people who have used solar cookers in Finland, and Norway.
I have a friend and associate who lives in England and he uses solar cookers quite often.
And I know people in Canada who use solar cookers quite a bit.

The main key to effective use of a solar cooker is sunshine, direct, unfiltered solar rays are the best for cooking your food with passive solar energy.

I will say though that the countries that can have the best overall conditions, and most frequent use of solar energy for cooking would be those that have the largest amount of sunny days.

Countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Chad, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan and many others on the African continent have such Ideal solar cooking conditions.

It is possible to solar cook on the pacific shores of Chile, Peru and Costa Rica, as well as the deserts of Australia, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The United States have solar cooks in all of the states, who use the sun to cook their food on a regular basis.

Places like Arizona, Utah, Southern California, Nevada,New Mexico and Texas are great almost all year around for solar cooking; they lie in what is known as the "sunbelt region" of the US.
But it is possible to cook for a good amount of the year in states farther north like Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio and even... Connecticut. where to solar cook

It would take a mighty long list to name all of the countries where a solar cooker can be used, because it is possible in almost every country.
Certain times of the year are better for solar cooking in some countries than they are in others.

Winter in Russia is not a good time to solar cook, but it is very doable in the summer.
Argentina also is the same way when they are in the middle of their winter and a great place for solar cooking when they are experiencing a bright summer day.

You can obtain some great information on how solar cookers are being used to help the people in many of the world's poor countries solar cooking initiatives

One last little piece of interesting information on solar cooking...
Did you know that India and China have hundreds of thousands of solar cookers being used throughout their countries?
And did you know that China and India are more advanced than the United States when it comes to solar cooking technology?...But, we are catching up, especially over the last couple of years.

Here is a link to the world's largest solar kitchen in India capable of cooking overy 30,000 meals a day

I hope this information can help with your assignment; and please do visit our site for more new and interesting solar cooking information as we add to it continually.

In fact you can subscribe to our RSS feed on the left of any of our site pages and receive our continuous updates whenever they are posted.

Thank you for your question Maddie.


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Sep 20, 2016
Good NEW
by: Anonymous

I liked it

Sep 05, 2016
by: brownie boi


Aug 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

I like commenting

May 12, 2016
Thanks! THis really helped
by: Kyle

This really helped me with my solar cooker project for my school. The other sources I went to find out information weren't what I needed. I was about to rage and punch my computer because everything else on the topic was about something else. And I'm from Connecticut ,too!

May 09, 2016
this didnt help
by: Shane

i need info and details about cultures who use these ovens. not just a list of countries.

Jun 11, 2015
by: Anonymous

I use solar cooker at home

Apr 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

Very Helpful, thank you much.

Nov 18, 2013
School Challenge
by: Hayley

this is really helpful to my school science challenge thanks heaps

Jul 25, 2013
by: mingo

so helpful; inspiring method of cooking..thanks.

Feb 04, 2013
by: norin

this is really helpful for my science project and essay. this page is really helpful

Nov 16, 2012
My school project
by: Emily

This comment was helpful to help me get an A on the science fair. This article was helpful.:)

Jun 11, 2012
doesnt really help!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

this doesnt help me at alll 4 wat i wanted plz add more detail tat explains y solar ovens r importatnt

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