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A Hotpot Lover For All Times!

by Joyce Lee
(Hurricane, Ut)

After a challenging bout of circumstances beyond my control, including weather,illness,and lack of good internet service, I am back to business !
During my grand unfortunate adventure I was able to get in small chunks of solar cooking at times.

One experience was a success at the time but created quite a cleanup challenge! During my bout with one of the worst sinus infections of my life I was having trouble breathing through my nose, and my mouth would get so dry it was sticking my tongue to the top of my mouth every time I swallowed so I decided I needed some sort of humidifier.
I heated up water with the Hotpot and dropped in a bit of vicks vapor-rub to melt and then I put a towel over my head and leaned over the water. It did provide some relief but didn't Last long enough to unplug me all the way. And since I couldn't very well run around with a towel on my head carrying my Hotpot I abandoned that experiment.
I had a hard time getting it clean enough to not flavor food with vicks until I soaked it in a baking soda and water treatment a couple of times.
I can assure you however that the Hotpot cooker is my new best friend when I'm sick. It makes a wonderful chicken soup although at this time I didn't have cooperative weather to start clear from scratch so I added already cooked chicken to a can of broth and added corn, garlic, onion, cilantro, and a bit of lime juice. I poured this into my bowl in which I had crushed some tortilla chips and diced up a tomato. It seemed to be lacking so I sprinkled on a little crushed cumin and added chopped green chilies and I could finally almost taste it through my clogged senses. Hubby said it was delicious!


Welcome Back Joyce,
I hope you continue to feel better.

It sounds like you discovered another good use for a solar cooker...Hot-water-menthol-therapy we could call it.
I think the water probably just needed to be hotter in order to be a more effective and longer lasting in it's effect. Of course with limited sunshine in the winter very hot water is harder to obtain in a solar panel cooker.

Thanks for sharing.


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