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A Modern Comparison To The Grasshopper and The Ants!

by Joyce Lee

Last week I actually ran into a person who was so completely not interested in Solar cooking from any angle that it absolutely blew me away. Not used to that.
Usually when I engage a person in casual conversation about solar cooking, they are at least fascinated with the idea of complete freedom from the power grid and all the baggage that goes with that, or the idea of being prepared for any emergency and its results, Or a few are even interested because they are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint in this world and are open to any "green" ideas.

All I got from this person was excuses. #1 "I don't have room." #2 "I don't like to know ahead of time what I am cooking-just pick a box from the freezer to throw in the microwave". #3 "I don't keep whole grains or baking supplies on hand because my parents were always picking weevils out of theirs". #4 "I don't like to be hot!" And #5 "My power bill isn't that bad"
I walked away from the conversation thinking about the story of the ants and the grasshopper and how the analogy from that story can be applied to us as a society. Do we prepare for leaner times (becoming as self sufficient as we possibly can) or do some of us think like a grasshopper!
Now before you judge me and think I must not like fun, know this. I seek fun and adventure everyday when I walk out my door. But being completely independent from the grid means I don't have to answer to anyone or owe anyone or follow someone else's rules.

That is FUN!

And because I always have a cooker with me wherever I go, and supplies I carry in a little gray tote of basic foods ,we are always blessed with a good meal no matter where we land.
That to me is FUN!

Our world needs more Fun loving ants like me but it takes all kinds to have a balance I suppose.


I guess some will worry about the future and it's possibilities right now...and others will have to worry later.


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