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A Solar Life!

by Joyce Lee

If You ever walk by a blue Ford Ranger in a parking lot with tantalizing smells wafting from the back, You'll know I'm at work or shopping while I cook my dinner.

I began my amazing solar cooking journey a couple of years ago by being really mad at my power bill! During peak summer months it was 300 dollars or more for my little tiny house and I started looking for better ways to manage that.

I found a community solar cooking class taught by an enthusiastic and fun instructor and was hooked! I quickly realized that I couldn't achieve the higher temps I needed consistently to bake a batch of bread every week without buying a commercially made solar oven so I purchased the Sport Solar Oven.
I bake my own hand ground wheat bread and other wonderful goodies often so the sport oven seemed to be what I needed to be able to bake more items at once. Fully loaded I get temps of 280-325 and cooking only one item it can reach 350 or higher.

For a while my husband and I had to share the truck as our only transportation and sometimes I would have to wait for him to get off of work at 6 or 7 p.m. so I would put dinner in the Sport Oven without the reflectors and set it in the back of my truck to cook at crock pot temps. As long as I aimed it every couple of hours it stayed around 200 pretty consistently.

I cook all year round whenever there is sunshine outside. My first thought when I roll out of bed is " will the sun be out good and bright today?" On occasion the clouds roll in and I have to finish cooking on my little butane stove or at home but that doesn't happen very often with good planning!

4 months ago I added a parabolic solar cooker to my equipment so I could extend my solar cooking experience to foods like popcorn, scones, hamburgers and, my favorite white chicken chili .

We've had some adventures learning just where and how far to aim the Solar Sizzler but we get better at it all the time!
Recently I took my cookers to a family reunion where I solar cooked my contribution to the potluck dinner. It was a Yummy blueberry filled Lemon glazed cake and got rave reviews! My goal would be to have enough solar cookers to do a whole meal for a family reunion!
I love harnessing the free power of the sun and will be doing so for the rest of my life!


Thank you very much Joyce,

Your story goes to show how useful a solar cooker really can be when the circumstances are not always ideal...I too take my cookers along to work and elsewhere if I need to cook while out and about. Yes, even in the store parking lot.


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