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Chicken Hot Pot Not Chicken Not Pot Pie

by Christa Upton
(Southe Dakota)

Veggies for the chicken hot pot (not)

Veggies for the chicken hot pot (not)

So, we made Chicken Hot Pot Not Chicken Not Pot Pie in our Solar Hot Pots…. (What a silly name! LOL)

See, we started with my Chicken Hot Pot NOT Pot Pie recipe from last year (potatoes instead of pie crust).

But then we realized we didn’t have chicken at the campsite. So, we used some shredded plain pork roast instead. It was very yummy!

We did a double batch using our two Solar Hot Pots, and with our growing children, we ate almost all of it!

(The photo is of the veggies getting a head start.)

Also did more leftovers one day, Shredded Sunshine Chicken for lunch another day followed by more leftovers for supper the same day, and some chocolate fondue another day. FUN!!! And wonderful for our cooking needs right now.

Oh, and this summer we’re remembering our “trick” more often--after taking the food out of the Pot, we add a little water and leave it heating. After dinner--voila! Hot dish water to wash the Pot (and maybe even other dishes)! Just add soap, dishcloth, and elbow grease. LOL (Very handy for camping.)

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