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Cooking in winter

by Elaine
(South Berwick, Maine)

Winter Solar Cooking

Winter Solar Cooking

South Berwick Maine has the coordinates of 43° 13' N / 70° 45' W.

How successful will we be with cooking inside the home within a sun-room using the All American Sun Oven?

The sun-room has east, south and west exposure with NO trees to interfere. Many days in January the internal house temperature may become in the 90's due to the sun's heating the sun-room.

Elaine S.


Thank you Elaine for this oft asked question.

From what you describe of your sun room it sounds like you have ideal conditions and location for taking advantage of some great wintertime sun.
I would say that you should not have a problem using a solar cooker (the AA Sun Oven included) within the sunroom, with one exception. If your sunroom has UV inhibiting glass you probably won't find it very effective trying to use a solar cooker behind the glass. Most modern glass windows/doors are manufactured with UV inhibiting features and materials to do exactly that, keep out the UV rays, and solar cookers work best with uninhibited UV rays from the Sun.
If your windows are from many years ago, it may be that you would not have this problem since many older windows were not built with UV inhibitors.

You would have to test the cooker inside of your sunroom to see if it would work.

Either way, if you have a bright and sunny, even freezing cold, winter day you can still put the cooker outside and it will cook without a problem.

I do know of a couple of people who have done as you describe and they have been able to solar cook with a cooker behind large, south facing windows.

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I hope this is helpful.


I might also suggest this page for a little more information on winter time solar cooking (outside cooking)Winter Solar Cooking

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