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Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 21oz

by Sharon Bush-Clausson

Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light

Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light

It is light weight, 21 oz , and easy to transport. It comes in a 15" x 15" x 1" package and can be assembled in less than 15 minutes. It can cook any time of the year and can reach temps of 350F to an occasional 400F. The design resists the wind and can be adjusted to an infinite number of sun angles. I have cooked eggs in 15 minutes, 3 chicken breasts in 2 hours. Before I learned to focus it I actually burnt the top of cornbread. Engineers have dubbed the design "elegant". I use 4 of them to cook a 4 item meal. They are so inexpensive and light weight so I think of them as a four burner stove. I baked chocolate cookies in 35 minutes.


Greetings Sharon,

Wow! Thank you for the great information and this new, simple and inexpensive means of solar cooking.

I am quite impressed by the statistics you gave for this little cooker...I am going to have to find out more.

Nathan Parry

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I love my two Copenhagen solar cookers!
by: Victoria from New Mexico

I love the Copenhagen solar panel cooker! I needed a good solar cooker at a low price as I wanted to make sure cooking solar would be something I enjoyed before I splurged on anything fancy, and I took a chance on this one, and I am so glad I did. The first thing I did with it was to cook eggs for breakfast -- it only took 20 minutes, in a metal pan inside a covered glass casserole in an oven bag, but on a cold, windy NM mountain day that wasn't even as sunny as usual!
I then cooked half-frozen chicken breasts with olives, pepperoncini and muenster cheese in only three hours and they were perfect! For the past couple weeks instead of a metal pan, I have been placing one of my darker pottery dishes (I have an vintage American pottery collection I love to use) in a covered glass casserole. I've only used an oven bag over all this on windy days, or when I needed to speed up the cooking. I think the pottery slows down the cooking a little bit, but not much, and it looks lovely at the table when it is served.

I liked this Copenhagen oven so much I then bought another one right away to take to our cabin in the wilderness, where I usually cook on a propane stove or grill. Well, I used this solar panel cooker, and it acted as a solar crock pot! --so that I was able to help my husband with remodeling work we had to do there, and not abandon him an hour early just to start and make dinner and worry about how I was going to deal with flames so close to a dry wilderness on a windy day.

I was so pleased! I placed this Copenhagen cooker on one of our wrought iron patio chairs that swivels, and adjusted it every couple of hours or so to follow the sun. It was a perfect dinner -- a chicken, sausage green Chile Alfredo dish I served with a salad and tortillas on the side.

I was worried when I bought this oven that it might only be a child's toy, but it is definitely not. It's a powerful tool!

What I appreciate about this solar panel cooker, too, is that, even thought it feels quite durable, if it ever wears out or one of the panels gets damaged or dulled by time, I will just use some of that reflective material you can purchase in rolls to cover the panel. This thing could be kept going almost indefinitely, I think. I do use a trivet under the food, to keep it heating more evenly. And I keep my two Copenhagens assembled, as I am not the patient sort who wants to put something back together each time. By the way, these ovens do beautifully in our strong New Mexico winds. It must be the way they're designed!

Gosh, there are some things so wonderful about the adventures of middle age!

best wishes, Victoria in New Mexico

SOLAR CHEESE in Puerto Vallarta. Yeah!
by: LuzElena Covarrubias

Paneer cheese is a white soft cheese originally from India.
You need:
A black pot , (big enough to contain 3 quarters of whole milk)
A black cotton bag to cover the pot
An plastic bag for regular ovens (big enough cover the pot wrapped in the black cotton rag)
A cooling rack
A colander
A cheese cloth big enough to wrap the cheese
A container to keep the cheese till it hardens
3 quarts of whole milk
ONE AND A HALF cups of white vinegar
(Whey from the cheese can become a drink similar to drinkable yogurt)
HOW to do it:
Place the pot on top of a small cooling rack on the Copenhaguen Solar Oven
Pour the 3 quarts of milk (room temperature) on the pot
Wait till it reaches 45 centigrades (roughly an hour)… (depends on how cloudy the day is)
Pour the ONE AND A HALF cups of white vinegar to the milk and softly mix it well just enough to make it reach all of the liquid.
Let it rest in the oven, at the sun, for at least 2 more hours.
Strain the milk curds and place them in a big enough bowl.
Mix the curds with salt (to taste)
Place the salted curds in a gauze (cheese cloth) hang to dry a little over the sink, then refrigerate in a round mold (any plastic container can serve as a mold)
The cheese will be ready to use after 5 days
If you like it extra fresh in salads or sandwiches or as a toping on others, then it will be immediately ready to be used but a little crumbled.
Once hardened, the cheese can be used with eggs, in salads or anywhere you would like to use it as a white cheese (paneer style).

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