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Direct Solar Heater

by Brett Kuntze
(Antioch, CA, USA)



We show solar cookers, solar water heaters, photovoltaics, chargers, batteries but we rarely show solar home furnaces used to heat indoors directly. I built my own direct solar heater that simply reflect sunlight back against the always shady northern sides of my home like everybody else has his own . Everybody has a shady northern side of their own houses, condos, apartments, whatever where the sun never will shine! It is something that most people never pays any thought about.. as if it is really nothing to be concerned about.. I see this as a godsend , because I can use mirrors to bounce sunlight back full blast without any angular losses.. You see the Sun sailing across the southern sky but never in the northern sky unless you live in the southern hemisphere which is the opposite. Either hemisphere will work as well in opposite way. So I built my latest prototype though crude as they look , they rock! I have no way of measuring the outcome in kilowatts or british thermal units.. British thermal units is usually left out of most solar energy conversations as you should know very well that federal tax credits is based on kilowatt production which can be reversed back to the utilities that is where the credits come from . My direct solar heater doesn't generate electricity nor require any water whatsoever.. it is so simple that it is hard to really understand the purpose of my solar heater. it simply heats indoors as well as wood stoves that pollutes air and contribute to global climate change. Firewood may be renewable but it is not clean by any wildest definition from any environemtnal point of view. I had torn down my whole fireplace and chimney made of brick and walled it over . No more fires !! I use my direct solar heater to heat indoors during any sunny hours I can capture. it is very responsive and quick!

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Mar 16, 2016

by: Nathan

Very nice!
Great work.

Thanks for posting photos as well.

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