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First Sun Oven Experience.....Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Shellie

It works!!

We are new to solar cooking and our first attempt at cooking in our Sun Oven worked out really well. We started by preheating the oven as we made the dough. We chose our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and prepared it the same as normal with only one exception of smaller size drops of dough as to fit an entire dozen on our smaller baking sheet. The oven reached 300 degrees and we placed our pan in to cook. After 15 minutes and to our surprise they were done with an impressive consistency! Unfortunately, however, the cookies were not very delicious as they had the "new oven" taste. We decided to bake the remaining dough in the house but chose to save the cookies to compare to the gas oven baked ones. We were pleased the next morning to find that the Sun Oven baked cookies were much softer than the gas oven baked ones.

Overall it was a fun experience and after realizing our oven needed a bit more cleaning we immediately put a pot of water with vinegar out to boil for the rest of the afternoon. Sure hope it works as we are anxious to cook many more things!


Thank you Shellie for sharing this, your first solar cooker success!

Yes, there are some solar cookers, even the Global Sun Oven, that can sometimes have a persistent "new manufacture smell" and so they have to be steamed and wiped/washed out a little bit more than would be customary, but it will get rid of that smell.
The smell is not toxic because there is no plastic, only anodized aluminum, on the inside of the oven. But, that smell can be a little annoying.

The other remedy is to also cook your foods in covered containers for the first few times so that the smell does not affect the food and the odors of the food help to dissipate the "new" oven smell, especially if you cook things such as onions, bacon, dry beans in water, or any other strong smelling food etc. And then wipe out your oven interior each time and let the oven sit out in the sun and you will soon have no problem.


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Sep 03, 2012
Smelly Starches
by: Anonymous

When you first start cooking with a new GLOBAL SUN OVEN, try foods you can cook inside a container with another lid covering the food. It creates another barrier between the food and the box. Cook fragrant foods and remember to wipe out the box each time you are finished cooking. Even the toughest scent will be gone in a few uses. Another hint would be to not cook breads, pastas or other carbohydrate type foods right from the start. Get into those after a few more fragrant dishes. I had a bad smell and taste to mine as well, but it passes with time!

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