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Fresnel Grill "Fast" Cooker

by Bruce
(Tucson, AZ USA)

Fresnel Lens Grill

Fresnel Lens Grill

I built a solar grill using a 30" X 40" linear Fresnel lens.

The grill is easy to use and transport, and while it does not cook large quantities of food at a time, it can easily cook a burger or two, or a grilled cheese sandwich in about five minutes.

I enjoy taking the grill to solar cooking events because it allows people to witness the power of the sun, and it's ability to cook food, in just a few minutes, rather than the hour+ times required by many solar box cookers.

The Fresnel also has the ability to set a 1" x 3" on fire in under 10 seconds. Again, lots of wow factor when spectators see that!

I am still trying to find other uses for the Fresnel cooker. I would like to be able to boil water, and steam veggies, but I have not yet found suitable cookware to do so. I'm keeping my eye out.


Greetings again Bruce,

Nice to hear from you again.

I see you still have your "famous" fresnel lens cooker that I hear about on the Yahoo group.

Thanks for coming over here and sharing with our visitors as well.
We can always use the advice, knowledge and experiments of other fellow solar cooks to help enhance the experience for all of us "aficionados".

Maybe the steaming can be accomplished with a "pan within a pan" style of set up, something that will keep the hottest spot off of the food but will allow the whole unit to heat up sufficiently to accomplish the job.

I do like your method of cooking sandwiches though, maybe one day you can share this with our visitors as well.

Thank you for adding the photo as well.


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by: Anonymous

Cast iron cookware should work for any cooking you want to do.

by: ncyg46

Hi Nathan and Bruce...

I posted my photos at

they are under two different sets...azsolar and 28th annual citizens for solar potluck

Does anyone know the name of the people next to us at the Citizens for Solar Potluck? Someone wants to contact the owner of the smaller parabolic for info. on it and I don't know his name. He was next to us last year also...He was making the wraps, stir fries, quiches etc all day! Thanks!

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