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From Washer to Global Sun Oven

by DeJun
(Charlotte, North Carolina)

Washer to Global Sun Oven

For my Global Sun Oven I constructed the bottom box from metal from a clothes washer that was going to be recycled for metal parts. Thus, this global sun oven is an exterior metal box and within it is a smaller metal box.

I utilized measuring tape to measure all my box measurements and an angle grinder with a 4 and ½ inch metal grinding wheel to cut the metal from the washer. The global sun oven is 51 pounds. The exterior box measurement for the front side is 12 inches length by 27 inches wide. The exterior box measurement for both sides is 16 inches tapered to 12 inches in length by 21 inches wide. The exterior box measurement for the rear side is 16 inches length by 27 inches wide. The exterior box measurement for the top is 21 inches length by 27 inches wide. The exterior box measurement for the top inner portion that opens on one side is 16 ½ inches in length and 18 inches wide. The exterior box measurement for the bottom is 21 inches in length and 21 inches wide. The inner box measurement is 18 inches across by 23 inches wide with tapered sides going from 15 14/16 inches to 11 14/16 inches for the height.

The insulation used between the inside and exterior metal box was a Durablanket S
(perfect insulation up to temperatures of 2100 degrees Fahrenheit) purchased from Jim Wiles with Southern Services Company. I really appreciated Jim Wiles ability to sell me a small quantity of the product, he was a pleasure to conduct business with. When I installed the Durablanket material I had to use a mask since the dust from the Durablanket was not acceptable to inhale at any levels. I used metal screws to adhere all of the sides together in the inner and exterior metal box. Then, I sealed the inner and exterior box with JB Weld cold since this product can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. I painted all the metal surfaces black with High temperature Barbeque spray paint.

The upper reflectors are constructed from fiberboard and then 2 inch mylar reflective film was placed on the inside. The upper reflectors are all 21 inches tall and the two sides measured 13 inches on the bottom by 21 inches on the top. The upper reflectors along the front and rear measured at 17 ½ inches on the bottom by 24 inches on the top. I attached the mylar with tape to the fiberboard and the sides were attached together using hinges on the upper and lower side of the fiberboard for a total of eight hinges used. On the front side of the metal box is a handle in the center to lift up the global sun oven and at the back of the global sun oven in the middle is a mobilizing device (16 inch side slider used for cabinets drawers to slide in and out which can handle 35 pounds of lifting capacity) which is able to lift the global sun oven to an angle necessary to deliver the best sun based on the time of day. To attach the upper reflector to the box I had to install on the front and rear side a metal piece that has a hole in it at the bottom section. I then took one metal hinge and attached it to the handle and the whole in the metal piece on the reflector. I took the other metal hinge and attached it to the middle mobilizing device and then to the metal piece on the reflector so it does not move.


Greetings DeJun,

Thank you very much for such a detailed description of your efforts at building a homemade solar cooker from recycled scrap, parts and pieces of a washing machine.

It sounded like it was quite the effort on your part.
This should be an inspiration to others that may wish to make a solar cooker from readily available materials that can be found with a little effort.

Thanks again,


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Sep 03, 2011
Homemade Solar Oven Response to Brad
by: Anonymous

Dear Brad and others interested,

Thanks for your comment, I decided to do this other global sun oven since my first global sun oven was very good at cooking, but also very heavy (made from a washing machine). I opted to make another one from wood and metal for a lighter sun oven and a new style top of reflector to see if I could get a hotter style global sun oven. I only spray painted the wood with Black high temperature barbeque paint and I did not treat the wood with anything else.

Best regards,

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