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Great taste cooking and efficient solar cooking

by Robert Dang
(San Jose, CA - USA)

I wanted to own a solar oven because I've always imagined cooking a chicken in my car on a hot day, plus it's one of those childhood dream of playing with the sun with a magnifying glass.

I wanted to cook solar so I can be green and save some green as well. I started out cooking green beans for Vietnamese desert. Then I cooked white bean pudding with sweet sticky rice and rock candy. They turned out delicious.

One day I was craving ribs with carrots and potatoes, sort of steaming. I marinated the spare ribs and cut up my veggies into half inch cubes, then I threw all of them into a non-stick pot with a glass lid. To my surprise, it turned out like a stew because the ribs just fall-off-the-bone tender and all the juice from the meat and veggies was so good. I haven't used the oven to bake, but I'm sure it would work.

I baked egg custard one time, but the ingredients I used wasn't good because I tried to substitute my own. I'm very happy with the solar oven. Oh, one day I also cooked Chinese herbal medicine, we all know how long you have to cook those in a slow cooker. I even cooked it a second time because it was so concentrated. I just got my grandma a solar oven last week and she is doing the same, but still experimenting with Chinese herbal cooking first. I told them to cook beans, it will be very tender.


Greetings Robert and thank you for sharing your solar cooking experiences.
I remember when you purchased your Global Sun Oven from us and I am glad to see that you are using it and enjoying the great results from your solar cooking.
Most of the reasons you mentioned for wanting to have and use a solar cooker are many of the same reasons that others, myself included, started into the fascinating world of solar cooking.

Thank you again for sharing with us.


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