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Homemade Parabolic Solar Cooker made of printing plates

by Paul Webb

Parabolic cooker made with printer plates

Parabolic cooker made with printer plates


My name is Paul, I have found a very easy way to build a Solar Parabolic Cooker.
I got the old aluminum plates used in printing, so they really last.
And they are light so you can cut them with scissors. I just put it together with little nuts and bolts. Hope you can help get the word out about how easy
and cheap ,as some of the printers just send them to the dump in some places .
Here is a pic of my Solar Parabolic Cooker.
Thank you for you site.

I am looking at making a box cooker and a
shallow parabolic cooker for heating water fast for tea, but all I need is the size of the petal
so I can cut them out and make a shallow parabolic cooker, maybe you can help me ?

Paul Webb

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measurements for solar cookers NEW
by: kate

hi Paul,
I have 2 bought solar parabolic cookers (one big, one small)and can send you the measurements for the segments if you like, the only thing is I am in London and the cookers are in Spain and Im not back in Spain till sept 1st. If you can wait....

An enquiry
by: Rick

I live in Adelaide am making a solar oven. Do you know where I would be able to get printer aluminum sheets from? Sounds a great idea.

making the smaller parabolic cooker?
by: Anonymous

Did you ever get a recommendation for the size yo should make your smaller parabolic cooker, for heating coffee or tea? I want to do one of those and am wondering what to do. I saw a page where someone made one from a lampshade that they said brought water to a boil in two minutes, but have not been able to find that page again. Thanks so much for any response.
best wishes from New Mexico

by: Anonymous

you are so right on here with in the mother Earth man as been taking and takeing all she as
but there are a few around the Earth that trying to help her out and i think your on the top of the list
i would love to know if you have a book out on how to make your solar cookers
As i aim trying to do some thing like yours but its not any thing close to yours any email links help will be so nice
thanks keep helping our earth
Don in sacramento ca,

how to build Parabolic Solar Cooker made of printing plates
by: Paul Webb

looking like some of you like to now how i build the cooker. Well i make it very easy, instead of using cardboard with foil, I just cut out the printing plate to the size like it say ,here a link
(no point in reinventing the wheel ) You may need to put wing on it so you can bolt them all together these are printing plates that are used in printing, easy to work with so you can cut with scissors,and bend on the end of a table ,and all you need to put it together is a pack or two of very small nut and bolts .You need to find a nice printer that will give you, or let you buy very cheap the plates to build this cooker. I used 4 sheets.
Hope that all helps
If you need to talk more just skype me on sat_chit_ananda1

by: Anonymous

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December 3, 2009

Dear Mr. Webb,

Your oven looks great! Do you have written instructions you could share with me? Is there a particular gauge of aluminum you would suggest?

I have been fascinated with Australia since I was in high school. In what part of Australia do you live? My husband and I live in SW Florida and love warm water and the tropics. If we were to take a 'Holiday,' as you say, where would you suggest we go? I was thinking of Brisbane or Perth.

Thanks, Kate
Going Green in Bonita Springs

Home Made solar cooker
by: Imran

Dear Paul,

Really, it is amazing. I also want to build such type of Solar Cooker for purification of Water.

Please guide me.


Imran from Pakistan

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