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Homemade solar box oven

by Robert
(Beaumont, Texas)

Type - Box oven
Case is 1/4" plywood with 1x2 reinforcement in
the corners.
Insulation - I went to a commerical airconditioning
supply house and asked for the scraps left over
from when the contractors built their ducts. The
vast majority of the pieces were 12-16" wide and
48" long. They were all 1.5 " thick with one
side a shiny mylar and the other a black fiber
glass. I turned the black out and put in two
layers. I ended with 3" of insulation.
Glass door - I used tempered glass. I saw a freezer
someone had set by the road to be discarded and
I picked up the tempered glass shelves.
Reflectors - I used 1/8" plywood and glued emergency
space blankets I purchased for $1 at Academy.
They were just shy of 4'x8'.
Cost - I purchased damaged plywood at the Goodwill
and Habitat for Humanity recycle store for $5.
The space blankets were $2 (I used 2. The glue
was a couple dollars so the whole project was
less than $20
Efficiency - On a day that will cast a shadow I can
get 300F on a bright day ZI can get 375F


Greetings Robert, and thank you for sharing your homemade solar box oven details and description.

It's always great to hear about someone making such an effective solar cooker with simple, common materials, especially when it is stuff that was being discarded and is now being re-used for such a great purpose.

If you have a photo of your cooker we would love to see it...if you can.


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