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(Homemade Solar Oven using a )Recycled Electric Oven

by kenneth burks khburks123@HOTMAIL.COM
(Nunnelly, Tennessee usa)

I am currently building a solar cooker using the box out of an old oven...cut it at an angle using a sawsall and created a slant box oven box ready with shelves...I used the top piece of the box to hold the reflector...creating an oven in this shape ( < ) I'll be using a piece of 3/16 polycarbonate plexi...I havent figured out weather to paint the inside of the oven black or use reflectors...advice would be welcome. Ill be happy to post pictures if there is any interest.



*Thank you Kenneth, for submitting to the page content.
We are glad you have contributed and we hope this will help and inspire others in their efforts at building their own homemade solar ovens.
Feel free to add your photos, or send them to us and we will add them.

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Nathan Parry

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Printer Copier Solar Oven

I found this article while looking for ideas đŸ’¡ to make a printer copier solar oven because of the glass.

Electric to solar
by: Anonymous

I’m gathering materials to build a solar oven from a recycled electric oven. I plan to add more insulation and cover with painted plywood for added insulation. Should I leave the interior of the oven black or do you think it would be more efficient if it were reflective? I too am using tempered glass for the top.
If anyone has done something similar and has suggestions I certainly would appreciate them.
Thank you

Would love to see photos
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone, I've been thinking largely the same thing for some time. Out would be really terrific to see you finished products, and to hear how they worked on the end? And any things that you would change? Thanks!

Solar Oven conversion NEW
by: Mirriulah

My idea is to take an electric wall oven which incorporates a beautiful glass door and cut it to a suitable solar angle (30degrees in my case). Make a frame and pack the surrounding space with insulation. I had been thinking of using expanding foam but cant find one that copes with more than 80c. I hope that my oven with get to 150c at least.
Would be pleased to see some pics of other peoples efforts in this vein.

Recycled oven
by: Anonymous

Why must the oven be cut? I am planning this too, but my idea is to remove the stove top element and replace it with tempered glass, painting the outside black is a good idea I think too, but having the reflectors fold out from center is what I am thinking I will do. I don't know if the oven should be insulated further, but it retains heat in our homes so why not the same outside? It just has a different energy source.
I do plan to cook my breads in cast iron for added thermal retention. But at the moment it's just an idea until I can find an affordable piece of tempered glass that size. I am getting the oven free and the reflectors are recycled from my local print shop. I hope it works. I will post back photos when I am done. Thanks,


by: Bruce in Fl

I want to do this as well.
I am planning mine at the moment.
I want to include a stand for better elevation as my house block morning sun and having it close to chest high should be more user friendly.
This will also allow for the oven to pivot (slew) on a right to left axis. Elevation will be adjusted by moving the reflectors.
I plan on a lining of oven bricks to help stabilize heating.
This will be a permanent outdoor item that will heat up each day.
I am not sure of the best glass insert for the opening and should it be a double pane?

Best of luck with yours!

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