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Hoping for Brownie Points!

by Joyce Lee

Another sunny Saturday and Hubby's day off seemed like a perfect excuse to gather some of the kids for a Solar Picnic.
One of my daughters has a GSO and I had my GSO and hot pot and parabolics so we were set. Expected at least 3 or 4 of my 6 kids to be there with their families but ended up with only 2 because youngest daughter and family didn't get back from Las Vegas in time and youngest son was packing to move to SLC and got sick (probably stressed out and tired)!
So we ended up doing a much simpler meal, cooking Garlic Chicken to be used in a chicken curry salad, and veggies and brownies.
We were at a popular city park and had lots of curious people stop by to see what we were doing. The reflectors seem to draw people like magnets!
I always try to cook a little extra (In this case it was brownies) to offer to the people who stop because the comment I hear most often is "Wow! It looks just like real food!" or "I can't believe this really cooked in that. It looks just like from the oven at home."
One lady however wrinkled her nose and said "oh is this like that Preppers stuff?" and she looked at me like I was kooky so I quickly explained that I have heard of that show but don't own a TV so I don't know what THEY do but THIS is what I do because it makes me happy not to have a power bill or heat my house when its already hot, or be stuck in my house in order to cook. I could have gone on and on but instead I fed her a brownie!

You tell 'em Joyce...
It always helps to "enlighten" the ignorant, especially when you put the food where their mouth is ;)


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