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How does insulation increase the temperature of a solar oven cooker?

by Christina
(United States)

I know that insulation is a material that reduces the amount of transmission of heat, electricity, or sound, but how does it really work for solar cooking? I can't understand the process very well.
(P.s- Can you tell me some key term vocabulary for a solar oven cooker?)

Thank you!


Greetings Christina,

Insulation in a solar box cooker is a major component of a well built solar cooker, allowing for the cooker to retain, or build up sufficient heat for effective cooking.
If you were to make a solar cooker with no insulating properties you would very quickly lose your heat out through the box into the atmosphere and would not be able to retain sufficiently high temperatures.

Insulation does just as you stated in your question above, it impedes or slows down the transfer, or conduction of heat.

Another key factor in making a good solar cooker is good reflective panels used to concentrate the suns rays onto your cookware/food.

And another is the glazing, or glass/transparent lid, or door on your solar cooker to allow the suns rays to enter your box/enclosure but not let the heat/energy escape.

One more key factor is the use of darkened, heat absorbing surfaces for your oven interior and your cookware so that the heat/energy will be captured in the dark colors.

Here you can read some more about how solar cooking works page


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Mar 10, 2017
veeybgood NEW
by: Anonymous

i like this a lot


Jan 26, 2017
blah NEW
by: Anonymous

i hate science so how does a solar cooker use thermal energy

Mar 02, 2013
insulation for a community size oven
by: Anonymous

how does one achieve a good insulation for ovens of almost industrial size used for a small community.

Mar 21, 2012
by: Dana

Hi--mine won't be the technical answer, but hopefully it will help anyway :-)

Insulation is what keeps the heat and light energy that you've "captured", IN your cooker. After you go to all that work to harness the sun's rays, it would be a shame to keep losing the heat you've gained, rather than accumulate it. Insulation lets you collect more heat and light energy, which allows you to raise the temperature to even higher levels. So, insulation is anything that lets you "hold on to" that collected heat and lose less of it. Otherwise, the light and heat energy is sort of easy-come, easy-go. It is coming in through the top, directly from the sun, but without insulation, it can escape more ways than it came in--out the sides and bottom of your cooker. The main thing to remember with your insulation is that it WILL get very hot (the better the insulation is working, the more heat you collect, and the hotter your box and insulation will get). So you want an insulation that isn't going to leak fumes or chemicals, when it gets too hot.

You want the inside of your box to be very hot, but the outside should stay fairly cool if your insulation is doing a good job keeping the heat inside. If the outside of your box is getting hot from the heat collecting inside, then heat that you'd prefer to keep inside is leaking out.

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