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Mom's solar cooker

by Lynn D
(Moorpark, Ca)

I don't have a solar cooker, though we do have a gas oven that leaks. When I was in high school, we went with Mom to the Sierra club ice cream social at a park. Someone there had built a solar oven . Basically a box with glass lid and a long handle. The wooden box was mounted on wheels, so he rolled it from the car to the park and put cookie dough in it and aimed it for maximum sun and they came out great. Mom was convinced, and being the "go-get-things-done" kind of person she was, found the wood and built a box , put in glass on top. We would all discuss, is it better to be painted black inside, what kind of insulation... I recall her even cooking a chicken. I Forget what happened to it and now that she passed away, wanted to find a cooker to show my sons what we could do without the normal oven.
Thank you

Lynn d
-Will try to find old photos

Is so neat to read other peoples stories.


Greetings Lynn,

Thank you for sharing that story with us, it is nice to reminisce with you about your mother and your memories of her.
I am surprised at how far back some people were making simple solar cookers using everyday common materials. Many people have told me similar stories from years ago.
It is a shame that solar cooking did not take hold more readily in our society back then. But it sure seems to be doing so now.

I can direct you to some pages that can help you make some very inexpensive and simple to make homemade solar ovens and cookers. They work well enough that I have cooked many different foods in them.
You might try this one for starters Simple Solar Cooker

And this one is a very effective and a great solar panel cooker All Season Solar Cooker

Brad, from Las Vegas, has had lots of fun making the All Season Solar Cooker ASSC Prototypes and ASSC Puzzle

This page can be helpful in making a solar cooker as well Home Made Solar Cookers

I hope you find this information helpful.


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