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New solar cooker

by Cal Griggs
(Laveen, AZ 85339 USA)

Cooking Father's Day meal veggies & prime rib

Cooking Father's Day meal veggies & prime rib

I have been making solar cookers of various kinds for a number of years now. This past winter I made the latest cooker of my arsenal to compliment our line of Cookit type cookers, box cookers and parabolic cookers. This one is a parabolic with attitude!

The reflector is made of mylar coated corrugated plastic. Since the reflector stays relative cool, the plastic in the sun is no problem. I have designed it so the reflector can rotate around the cooking pot and lock into place as needed. I have also mounted it on an old office chair roller frame for stability and ease of movement. I also put an aiming device on the upper edge of the reflector to optimize the reflector to the sun.

So far I've cooked everyone's favorite BBQ spare ribs, prime rib, corn on the cob, baked bread, corn bread, cookies in this cooker. You really have to watch what you are cooking as this guy is very fast and hot. For the larger pieces of meat and chicken I use a Weber remote thermometer which is very accurate. The cable runs from the pot to the sensor under the reflector which then sends the data to the house where the AC is keeping me cool.

It's been a lot of fun to use and even more fun seeing what I can do with it.


Wow Cal, that looks really nice!
Quite the setup and design that you came up with.
I am impressed.

Thanks for including the photos as well, it makes it great for all of our visitors to see the cooker as well.

Thanks for sharing this with us and...keep up the great work.


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Jun 27, 2012
Response on the New Solar Cooker
by: Cal Griggs-Shawn Lu's Arizona Solar Cookers

The cooker is very much like a funnel cooker. I made the reflector using the plans from a Parvati 12 sided solar cooker (available on the Solar Cooking International) website. Once I had the reflector finished I found the center point and maximum focal point. I then made a support bar which I inserted through the reflector and adjusted the bend in the support to maximize the position of the cooking pot. I then made a "U" shaped support yoke and ran the support rod into the yoke. Thus the whole reflector rotated around the pot depending on the position of the sun. I believe mariners call this a "gimbal" I placed a locking bar on the bottom of the cooker so it will hold the position of the reflector. Then I mounted the whole thing on a discarded office chair.

Jun 22, 2012
Modified Funnel Cooker
by: N K Srinivasan

Congratulations Cal Grigg... a nice design for a very efficient solar cooker...the design appears to me as a modified funnel cooker. I too made one funnel cooker which heats up the pot quickly and has a focal line ,instead of a point as in parabolic cookers. [See my page on the funnel cooker in this blog.]
This shape may be easier to build. Can Cal share the details of the shape, for instance the angle of the cone made and any plan for the reflector? I am sure this design will become popular with solar cooking community. I also like the use of a swivel computer chair for rotating the cooker.!

Jun 22, 2012
by: jim la joie

This is a great design. I like the deep parabolics because they require less frequent focusing.
How does that hanging bag work for you?

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