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Rainy days problem solved!

by Joyce Lee

We had crazy flooding and heavy rain the last few days so I ran out of my home made bread and couldn't get more baked. I try to keep the freezer stocked for such occasions but since my freezer at home broke, I am sharing freezer space right now with my daughter who needs as much space as she can get for the elk meat they just got on the hunt.
Thus my dilemma!!! No bread and tired of pancakes and tortilla substitutes.
Normal people would go get a loaf of bread at the store I suppose but solar cooking and baking my own bread all these years now has turned me in to a bit of a food snob and I can't seem to find store bought bread I like too much.
I had heard about a new bakery in town that had recently opened up and decided to check them out!
As I entered, the lady behind the counter said "hey! Aren't you the lady that does the solar cooking? I love your squash bread!"
Well, that made me feel pretty good to be standing in front of a display case with all sorts of obviously great quality breads and goodies and someone likes my bread!!!? Wow!
So I got a loaf of Cinnamon swirl bread, and sundried tomato and basil sourdough bread. Yum! Next time I can't get my own baked, Muddy Bees Bakery is where I'm headed!
I usually tell people as a joke that I make my husband take me out to eat when I can't solar cook! And of course thats an option at times but I really am a food snob and like my own cooking. And now I have a back-up!!!
I hope you are all having some great and healthy solar cooking experiences!

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Oct 22, 2015
great story!
by: Christa Upton

How cool that she knew you & your solar bread! :) Is the recipe on this site somewhere? Squash bread sounds great! I don't have a Solar Oven, but I have done bread in my Solar Hot Pot before & figure it doesn't hurt to try. lol Store bought bread--also most are full of chemicals. :P This is why I can't eat it very often even if I wanted to! :) (I have severe Toxic Injury) Thanks for sharing, and so neat you have a good bakery nearby!

Oct 21, 2015

by: Nathan

Great story!

I too have gotten to the point that I don't care for hardly any store bought bread.
I like my own home made wheat, multi-grain and white breads.
I have to admit though that not always are my breads solar cooked, because sometimes I have to start very early or late.
I do prefer them in the solar oven though.

Stay dry, and the sun should be coming back soon.

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