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Rusted out panel and broken pot holder

by Jimmy
(Doniphan, Mo.)

You need to tell people that this dish rusts very quickly if it isn't put out of the weather. Also the structure of the pot holder isn't very sturdy, watch out or your meal will end up in the dirt. Mine rusted at the focal point because of the high heat applied to the welded joint. Here is an idea for you, add a small brace at the T where the pot holder connects to the pole from the base. I used a concrete block to steady the dish when I put heavy items on the pot holder. I also started charcoal by setting the charcoal can on the Pot holder. That works great.
Where the dish rests on the ground or one panel of the dish rests, it will collect rain water and rust out very quickly. That is the reason for this letter. I need a new panel, just one, to repair my dish and if you cant do that I would like to know if I can remove the rusted panel and still get enough heat to perform well. I would not like to have to spend $150 as that would erase all the savings that I accrued by using it.
I hope that some of this may be of value to you or your customers.

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