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Satellite dish solar cookers for free??

by Steven M Snyder
(Phoenix, AZ)

Satellite dish solar cookers for free??

About 6 years ago I spent a little time living in Rocky Point Mexico and Got involved with a group of Scientists from ASU. They were in the process of studying the tidal pools and the marine life in this Sea of Cortez and they Introduced me to Solar cookers and building an Earth ship as well.
Since I was there to fix and repair Satellite TV systems I sort of adopted the site as my pet project, and as it were I learned a lot, especially about solar cookers.
Since that time I have been doing Commercial Satellite systems and coating the dishes I salvage with Solar film from Hydroponic stores in the Valley of the Sun, I Live in Phoenix, Az if you haven't guessed yet.

Three or four months ago I got on the web and found our local Solar cookers group and made a contact with Tom the local group leader and told him about my projects and invited him over for a "look see" at my little grilling device.

It is a challenge to keep the dishes on track but I have had a few years experience working it so I have a great time cooking eggs burgers and I cook Spaghetti on a regular basis and use my dish as often as I can.

Any city in the US has a commercial Satellite Installer and we get orders every once in a while to de-install a system, most installers throw away these used dishes and usually have a very hard time finding a place to dispose of them. May I suggest that if you can find one of these folks you make a friendship with them and ask that the next time they get a de-install order they drop off the system at your house rather than finding a dump for this equipment and try my grill for yourself?

Steven Snyder

Phoenix Arizona solar cooker


Thank you Steven for sharing your own solar cooker building experiences, and thank you for promoting the very useful idea of "re-cycling" old satellite dishes for a more useful purpose than ending up in the landfill.


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Sep 16, 2017
Solar My ASS NEW
by: Anonymous

It Is not a solar cooker!!! Aim it at Satellites they use Microwaves to Transmit it will cook after Dark!! The Sun has nothing to Do with it!!!

Jun 01, 2013
chrome reflective tape
by: Esteban

Mr's Beasley, you can get a much more reflective surface buy using chrome reflective tape bought at an auto parts store.

I lined my dish without sanding and get around 400 degrees on a sunny day.

Apr 27, 2013
Bell Express Vu dish
by: MrsBeasley

I'm considering spraying my old satellite dish with chrome paint and making a parabolic cooker. It's a small dish (probably 2 feet or 22" across). I think I'd like to bring my food up to temperature then insert the pot into my haybox cooker to finish cooking. My question is this: Is my satellite dish big enough, or do I need to find one of those 10 foot dishes? What size are the parabolic dishes that you use?

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