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Solar Burner Parabolic focusing appartus...

by roy bodnar

found it a hassle to refocus every 7 minutes...down on belly, unlocking focus apparatus, up on knees checking focus, down on belly trying to hold parabolic dish steady, readjusting focus apparatus and locking...

now I leave the focusing apparatus unlocked all the time...rotating the dish by hand, easy...i use a simple system of 4x4's, 2X4's, and 1X4's blocks placed under the rim of the dish...I can quickly and easily vary the height by using different combinations of blocks...tracking the sun is no problem....

have had my solar cooker since Dec. 2011...with it and my solar sport oven...I've only used my electric range less than 5 times...of course I have ample sunshine...I monitor the weather and cook ahead of any rainy/cloudy/foggy weather... use microwave to reheat...

I am thinking of purchasing another solar cooker...price is right...I really don't need it...but it would be nice...
I can cook faster using two pots simultaneously...

I've enjoyed your products....



Greetings Roy,

I know what you mean by inconvenience and hassle
of focusing the Solar Burner Parabolic. Yes, the tension rod for the elevation of the parabolic was built very low, too low underneath the parabolic and so it does require stooping down to focus and re-focus. That is something we have worked on to change with the next model of the Solar Burner.
But, it sounds like you have come upon a good system for maintaining your focus (especially the elevation)
My assistant has used a system similar to yours using a stuffed duffel bag and I have as well when I had no way to hold the parabola at the desired elevation, so it does work.
Your system seems to be more precise and more stable though. Great Idea.

I would love to see a photo of your set up if you are able to share such. I think others would benefit from the knowledge as well.

I am glad to hear that you are able to solar cook so often, we do the same here in the desert cook all the time.


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