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Solar Burnt Popcorn

by Nathan
(St. George, Utah)

The other day I set up my Solar Burner Parabolic to make some popcorn. It takes only a few minutes to pop once the kernels are heated up in the olive oil and so I usually stay right with the popcorn to shake it and attend to it as needed.

Sometimes I will run into the house to grab something I have need of for my solar cooking, taking just a few seconds to do so.
This time I did so and was promptly distracted and sidetracked by my office assistant needing some computer help...and twenty minutes later the smell of burning popcorn wafts through the open window on the back side of the house...
It was a large lump of smoky, charcoal mess that required a lot of scrubbing to eventually rid my favorite popcorn pan of the smell of burnt popcorn.

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Sep 28, 2012
Burnt cookie dough in a solar oven?
by: Nathan

I too have forgotten things in my solar oven and had them burn, but not with lots of smoke.

It is usually the things that you bake that can burn in a solar oven.
We forgot some sweet rolls one time and they came out looking pretty charred.

I have had bacon in my solar oven produce a bit of smoke when it was left to cook too long.

Your solar cooker must get pretty hot Jim, to be able to get the cookie dough to smoking.

Sep 28, 2012
I am not surprised
by: Jim La Joie

A student put some cookie dough in my cooker and, because we were not watching it, the dough promptly burned, with lots of smoke. And I have made blackened cornbread - not supposed to be blackened, but it was.
Did you say solar burner? Aptly named...

Sep 27, 2012
Solar Coffee
by: Anonymous

Hi Nathan,

I'm enjoying a cup as I write this.

Sep 27, 2012
Live and learn as a solar cook
by: Nathan

I did not know that olive oil had more tendency to burn easier, nevertheless the fact that it was forgotten and left unattended I think was the real culprit for the burnt popcorn results, wouldn't you agree? compensating for "airheadedness"!

Glad to hear you are getting good use from your Solar Burner Bruce.

Sep 26, 2012
by: Joyce

Oops! You never mentioned you were popping popcorn! I have to agree that Olive oil burns way to easy at those temps. I use Canola. And for a burned pan, add baking soda with water to soak. It helps tremendously!

Sep 26, 2012
by: Bruce

Hi Nathan,

Even though olive oil is very healthy, it has a low smoking point, and may not be best for cooking popcorn, especially on something as hot as the Solar Burner. I would recommend using canola, grape or vegetable oil.

BTW, I love my Solar Burner, and use it to heat my coffee water nearly every day.

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