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Solar Clothes Dryer: A funny or good invention???

by Brett Kuntze
(Antioch CA USA)

I wonder if people will be interested in building solar clothes dryers??? Go ahead and laugh if you want to... Also I wonder if they want to build solar dog houses for summer and winter. They can use corrugated clear plastic as siding for doghouses and add solar fans to keep dog houses cool . I have many other ideas later!


Greetings Brett,

Thank you for your thoughts and your ideas.
Those ideas are not so "far fetched" and could be feasible products with some work and ingenuity to bring them about.
None of those are impossible.
Solar Cooking was looked at the same way years ago, but now it has become much more accepted and utilized.

Thank you for your suggestions and ideas.


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Feb 20, 2022
I worked on p a similar project in 1996
by: Anonymous

I worked with an engineer in 1996 and we had a patent pending on a cloth dryer that used light,we got homologation on the concept and it was taking half the energy to dry one load for the same drying time. we presented our discovery to (camco canada) General electric and they stoled our patent and registered a new one with improvments to shelf the product.

My solar dryer never was commercialised.

Jun 26, 2015
good idea and i`ve got ideas also
by: steph

i think that something that is similar to solar food dehydrators but with vertical lines instead of horizontal trays would work very well. An other one for larger loads of laundry, you could use something like is used for sawmills wood dryer using passive solar heating. The key is a low cold air intake followed by a high hot air outtake. Both of these the size can be determined by your needs.

Jul 10, 2011
We can cut utility bills
by: Anonymous

Yeah, I suggested that solar heating be added to solar cooking in this website to broaden solar ideas . As matter of fact, I already have my own solar home heater , but I am not sure about posting photos of them here yet. I don't have the best ideas on home heating but I know that we need them to help cut down our utility bills . Home heating is usually more than half of most utility bills. It seems to me that most people still do not think that we can heat homes with sunlight even up in the cold snowy mountains whenever the sun shines. We should supplement the solar heat with our traditional fuels for home heating as we can switch between them as the sun shines or not.

Jul 10, 2011
solar clothes dryer
by: Audrey

I Saw the article a long time ago about a house which used solar for drying.

The house had and inside chimney type Solar opening in the laundry room. It added light and dried the clothes. The inside was all reflective and it had a Chain type motor that took the clothes up and around the 12 foot tunnel. It could be cranked by hand or turned like BBQ motor. They said the had to speed up the turning of the clothes because they were burning holes in them lol. I remember this because it reminded me of the oven at the grocery store bakeries. They said they kept the top open only when drying cloths during the summer because it heated the house but in winter they loved it!!Don't know where i read it??? But the idea should be coming into it's own!

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