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Solar Cooking Class In Las Vegas

by Brad
(Las Vegas)

There's a local non-profit that is looking for environmentally related classes and instructors. I thought about providing a class on solar cooking, and would like some input from the expertise that contributes to this site.

What would you want in a solar cooking class?
Would you want a summary of the ways in which solar cooking is done? (i.e. panel, box, parabolic, trough)
Would you want to know how to access recipes?
Would you want to know the mathematics behind parabolic and box/panel cookers?

Would building a simple panel cooker be enough?

How long would you want the class to last? Long enough to experience a solar cooked meal while the class was being held?

Would you participate in a class if it was priced at a certain level (how much?), but you were responsible for bringing your own building materials, according to a list?

I'd like your grandest and most minute thoughts on this.


Greetings Brad,

That would be great if you were to offer a solar cooking class for the Greater Las Vegas Area.

I have been hoping for some time to find a person in your area that would like to offer classes and demos from time to time, especially in a sunny are like Las Vegas.

I would like to invite some feedback from other solar cooking experts on what they think would be good to offer by way of curriculum etc. for a solar cooking class/demo.
I personally offer to my students/participants the basics, or more introductory information on solar cooking, since most of them are new to the solar cooking concept.

Those who want to get more detailed and in depth usually will stick around after the class to ask more questions and will usually also ask if I can come and do a demo/class for their own group or organization.

Depending on the group and their desires I will do full three to five course meals comprised of a variety of foods, designed to show the capacity of each style of solar cooker as well as the variety of foods that can be solar cooked.
Sometimes I will just do a few basic and simple foods if the demo/class is to be of short duration and to be used as a quick demonstration of solar cooking.

People are willing to pay for a good cooked meal though, so I would not shy away from offering such, that is of course if you want to work, because it is a bit of work to offer such a comprehensive meal.
I usually just charge the cost of the food per person because I earn a profit on solar cooker sales later on, but you may want to cover your time, labor etc. since you don't necessarily do it as a business.

Last of all, with your knowledge and ability to make the variety of homemade solar cookers, especially the All Season Solar Cooker, I would definitely offer people the chance to make their own.
My experience has shown that there are many who are interested in knowing how to do so and at a reasonable cost to boot. The ASSC is one of the best to do this with. In fact we will probably begin offering the opportunity in our classes to make an ASSC as well.

I hope this is helpful...and I do hope others will share their thoughts as well.


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Mar 14, 2011
Finished My Presentation
by: Brad

And although I often construct my own panel cookers, I rewarded myself with a Hot Pot Cooker purchased from Solar Cantinawest (cause it's so cool). It is going to see some serious action on the Weekends. Thanks Nathan.

Mar 12, 2011
Thanks for the Input
by: Brad

Some very good ideas, and I thank everyone for taking the time to send them to me. I contacted the local group with my solar cooking class idea, and we'll see where it goes from there. I'll keep everyone up to date on what transpires.

Mar 08, 2011
Solar Cooking Classes
by: Luther Krueger

I think those are great ideas for teaching solar cooking! I know I was a skeptic right up until the first loaf of banana bread came out of my home made solar box cooker every bit as good as Mom made for me as a kid, so having at least one complete cooked item --assuming you can teach on a sunny day!--would be ideal.

The only thing I'd suggest is that you have one example each of the three cooker types, to demonstrate their best uses--e.g., panel cookers for "slow" or crock-pot kind of cooking (the Hot Pot is great for that), a box cooker for baking (banana bread, cookies, lasagna!), and a parabolic for the quick frying that can be done with sunlight. That way you can appeal to whatever motivates people to solar cook--if they are interested in the needs of the third world where cooking fuel is scarce but they are sun rich, the panel cooker is a good choice. For those that like the idea of cooking while they garden, but not a most-of-the-day time-frame for cooking, a box cooker like the Sun Oven would be perfect. For the impatient, I'd recommend teh Tiny Tech or Solar Burner, as their parabolic power gets things cooked in about the same time as a gas stove.

Well, those are my two cents :) Let us know how your venture turns out!

Luther Krueger, Minneapolis

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