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Solar Cooking Super Saturday

by Nathan
(St. George, Utah)

Solar Banana Nut Bread

Solar Banana Nut Bread

Great, Sunny day this Saturday, June 01, 2013 for Solar Cooking…
We have an ambitious menu and schedule for cooking today.
We have seven solar cookers at work right now doing a number of items for our church dinner this evening as well as our lunch for this afternoon and some dessert for today and tomorrow’s meals.

…Had a pan of water on the Solar Burner Parabolic this morning to heat water for an orange jello/gelatin dessert with fruit.
I put just the right amount of water and set it on the parabolic with no lid and in about 20 minutes the water was almost all boiled away because I had no lid on the pan, so I had to start over.

Beans and Onions and cherry tomatoes picked from our Garden today.
We will have the beans for lunch as they are out in the Hot Pot Solar Cooker right now along with some creamed corn (canned)
The onions were chopped up for ingredients in our big pot of Baked Beans cooking in a Sun Oven and another pot with Taco Soup cooking in the All American Sun Oven.
I had the Baked Beans in the oven for about two hours and the Bacon in another oven cooking in the meantime. I have now added the bacon to the Baked Beans and have left the rest of the bacon to “crisp up” in the other Sun Oven.
At about 11:00 AM I set the fresh picked green beans and a pan of Creamed Corn into one of the Hot Pots and some Breaded Popcorn Chicken Nuggets into another Hot Pot to cook for lunch.
I set another pot of water onto the parabolic cooker at 12:00 PM to boil for some Stovetop Chicken Flavored Stuffing to go along with the chicken for lunch…
…nothing like easy, fast, somewhat healthy, food for a quick lunch ;)
1:30 PM and the big, big pot of Baked Beans is at a steady boil and the smaller pot of Taco Soup is at a heavy boil, so I am not going to “track” the cookers as often so as to keep the temperature lower.
I don’t want to overcook the two items.

Brought the rest of the bacon in from the Sun Oven, it was quite crispy. But I like it that way, even though my wife would prefer it less crispy.
So much sunshine and most of our cooking is finished and it is still early, only 2:00 PM, so, I will just have to break out the popcorn popper and pop up a few batches of popcorn to take to the social this evening as well as put aside a little bit for us to eat later on this evening or tomorrow
The Baked Beans and Taco Soup are now at a slow simmer, 225-250 F inside of the ovens and still about three hours to go. I think maybe I put them out to cook a bit too early.

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