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Solar Furnace

by Brett Kuntze
(Antioch, CA, USA)

Home heating with natural gas or firewood comprise a huge portion of most people's utility bills as much as half or more. Firewood is popular for direct warm comfort unlike natural gas that is typically used in centralized gas furnaces that blow heated air throughout the ductwork with room floor registers at the ends or wall heaters.
There is a growing consciousness that firewood is not clean for our health. Environmentalists are mislabeling firewood as renewable source because renewable sources are supposed to be clean. Firewood is similar to coal in terms of health hazards. Coal is bad so is firewood, too.
So, I was in in search for a similar and comparable "firewood" like quality in direct heat that is clean and free of any pollution , whatsoever. Over the past several years , I develop crude forms of direct solar heaters.
Every year, I made improvements with new ones to replace the old worn out ones. This year, I just completed a bigger and more powerful set as shown in photos shown here. I am still not finished with this as I still have more ideas swimming around in my head. Some of those ideas will require help from other people with certain expertise that I will be glad to use to include into my future new ideas.. I believe that it can be commercialized someday. I am guarding my future new ideas and I know that I will need lawyers to protect my my future ideas with patent applications.
I decide to release photos of my current solar heater set which works very well. They are not perfect. I expect criticism and cynicism from readers, anyway. I am getting there slowly and surely.
I am in no hurry I don't mean to sound kind of arrogant or non-ambitious because I am fully aware of the clean energy competition out there. I am thinking big but still doing so little so far. I am asking you not to jump to conclusions about what you are seeing presently because it is not the final idea. It is an evoluting process. I have very different ideas that are much difficult to develop on my own without outside support and expertise. I can only wait for interested people to step forward and tell me that I have the right idea . If not, then it will never happen. I cannot force anyone... This is a free country ..

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