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Solar Nut roaster for home use

by N K Srinivasan
(Bangalore, India)

I am trying to popularize my solar nut roaster made with a picture frame,cardboard box, an aluminum tray and aluminum kitchen foil.See the description at this blog of peanut roaster I showed my roaster to a group of six housewives who are also Grannies. Many were excited to see it's working, roasting peanuts in about 45 minutes in this month ,that is Jan 2011.
The climate is not very hot, the place is windy and also with lot of passing clouds.
This is Bangalore, in South India, latitude 13 degrees North from equator, better known for software and call-center services.
My visitors were excited when my 'Good-cook' oven thermometer registered 250 F after about 30 minutes.
My visitors were taking vows that they would build one at home immediately using materials available at their kitchen.One lady wanted to make one to teach her grand son the delights of solar energy use.
We all live in small apartments;some have access to a penthouse type accommodation with a small open terrace where they can keep the solar roaster, conveniently checking the temperature as often as they can.
The ladies were successful in making their own little roasters ,to get freshly roasted peantus and almonds for a snacks at afternoon tea time--for their hubbies and grandchildren.
Many did not believe that the roaster will zoom past the boiling point of water,that is 212F. They came to scoff, but remained to munch the nuts .


Greetings Again NK,
Thank you for keeping us updated with the progress and the successes you are having with your solar cooker.
I am very happy to hear that the ladies were excited and motivated by your demonstration.
Apparently excited enough that they took action and built their very own solar peanut roasters...that's great.


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Jul 28, 2011
solar nut roaster
by: N K Srinivasan

I have used a simple panel type cooker ,using aluminum foil panels of 12 in x 8 in to roast nuts. I keep the nuts in a black metal can, with holes at the bottom and holes on the lid for smooth flow of hot air through the tube. The can is of diameter 2.5 inches and length 5 inches .[The metal can was the tin cans used for tea packaging from Japan. ] I painted the can with matte black paint.
It takes about 3 to 4 hours for nuts to get roasted, but I get uniformly roasted nuts.
I have tried this for roasting almonds and cashew nuts regularly in batches of about 100 to 200 grams.

Jan 17, 2011
Solar dehydrators
by: Anonymous

Solar dehydrators, to dry vegetables and also medicinal herbs are getting popular;the temp needed is between 40 to 60 C and so a simple device without reflectors would do the job.
Roof-mounted solar dehydrators, like an attic with trays inside and sky light, have been used in a city called Erode in Peninsular India by a firm Sakti Masala who commercially make herbal powders for spicy cooking! This ,of course, is a large scale application.
I am sure there are plenty of small ones for dehydrating herbal stuff like turmeric, cardamom etc in India and elsewhere.Similar ones are also used for dehydrating fruit pulp,mango pulp for instance ,in rural parts of Andhra Pradesh state in India. These devices have a fan or blower which is again operated by a small solar panel.

Jan 17, 2011
Great Use
by: Brad

Your peanut roaster is a great appliance, perfectly tailored for its use. I was watching a TV show where the cook was using a dehydrator to prepare garden grown tomatoes and eggplant for Winter use. The dehydrator was a heat fan with plastic tray type, which costs $60 US, and of course I thought about how a solar panel cooker could do this very effectively, for almost no cost at all.

Your peanut roaster's temperature of 250F is probably very steady, and just right for doing the job, which got me thinking about developing the cooker around the size of the pot, or the job it would do. I'll post what I worked up in a separate posting.

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