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by LuzElena Covarrubias
(Puerto Vallarta Jalisco)

Paneer cheese is a white soft cheese originally from India.
You need:
A black pot , (big enough to contain 3 quarters of whole milk)
A black cotton bag to cover the pot
An plastic bag for regular ovens (big enough cover the pot wrapped in the black cotton rag)
A cooling rack
A colander
A cheese cloth big enough to wrap the cheese
A container to keep the cheese till it hardens
3 quarts of whole milk
ONE AND A HALF cups of white vinegar
(Whey from the cheese can become a drink similar to drinkable yogurt)
HOW to do it:
Place the pot on top of a small cooling rack on the Copenhagen Solar Oven
Pour the 3 quarts of milk (room temperature) on the pot
Wait till it reaches 45 centigrade (roughly an hour)… (depends on how cloudy the day is)
Pour the ONE AND A HALF cups of white vinegar to the milk and softly mix it well just enough to make it reach all of the liquid.
Let it rest in the oven, at the sun, for at least 2 more hours.
Strain the milk curds and place them in a big enough bowl.
Mix the curds with salt (to taste)
Place the salted curds in a gauze (cheese cloth) hang to dry a little over the sink, then refrigerate in a round mold (any plastic container can serve as a mold)
The cheese will be ready to use after 5 days
If you like it extra fresh in salads or sandwiches or as a topping on others, then it will be immediately ready to be used but a little crumbled.
Once hardened, the cheese can be used with eggs, in salads or anywhere you would like to use it as a white cheese (paneer style).


Thank you LuzElena,
This is a great solar cooker recipe, thank you for the great detail and description.
This should be very helpful for those who would like to attempt such a cheese in their solar cooker.


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