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Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker

The Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker is one of the best cookers for your money on the market.

The Solar Flame is well designed and is made of high quality materials, it looks great and it can cook as well as, or better than any other solar parabolic.

High cooking temperatures are instant, with a quick focus and a large capture surface area; you can boil a large pot of potatoes as quickly as you would on your kitchen stovetop.

This cooker is also great for:

  • deep frying
  • pressure cooking
  • grilling
  • boiling
  • WOK cooking etc. etc.

Cooker Statistics:


  • Frame and base: Molded and formed carbon steel tubing
  • Parabola: Hard Anodized Highly Polished Aluminum Panels
  • Cooking/pot receptacle: Steel frame and adjustable cross bars
  • Diameter: 5ft. across (1.5 meter)
  • Surface area: 2.3 square meters
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Parabola: deep dish
  • Focal point length: (light/heat spot) 2 inches roughly
  • Focal distance:11.02 inches (28 cm)
  • Weight: 28lbs (13kg)
  • Pot Receptacle: 11" wide x 15" long (rectangular)

Two heights:

  • Tall base 69.69 inches (177 cm)
  • Short base 61.02 inches (155 cm)

Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker Tripod Base

Pros and Cons: 

The Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker has one of the largest diameters offered in a commercial solar cooker, thus making it a very powerful cooker. The larger size will make it a little more challenging to store, but it is not difficult.

Because it is a larger parabola it is not very compact, but it is lightweight for its size and is easy to move around. It weighs much less than many other cookers its size.

Since it is lighter in weight it can move slightly with sustained breezes, but it is not unstable until winds become much stronger. (high winds are a problem for any solar cooker unless protected, stabilized and sheltered)

The expanding and contracting tri-pod legs are very easy to adjust up and down, and they give great stability to the cooker as well as ease of leveling. The middle bar or post slides right into the tripod base and the whole parabola can then be easily moved left to right on its central swivel point.

Tracking and focusing are very easy to accomplish with the Solar Flame and can be accomplished by sighting the focal point on the bottom of the cooking pot, or one can add a dowel or screw/bolt with a large head to focus the cooker using the "shadow alignment" method common on other parabolic cookers.

The length of the pot/pan receptacle is quite substantial and can accommodate a variety of cookware. The width of the receptacle is less than the length, so the larger round pots may not fit inside of the frame of the receptacle, but it works well for most standard size cooking vessels.

* (One should always use heavy gauge steel/metal cooking vessels on a parabolic due to the high temperatures of the focal point. Thin gauge cookware tends to scorch and burn through easily.)

The Solar Flame's parabola is made with highly polished aluminum petals which gives it a higher reflectance rate of about 95% as opposed to the reflectance rate of 87% from silver vinyl reflective surfaces. Polished aluminum is more durable over a lifetime and cleans up very easily when dirtied.

A higher reflectance rate makes for a slightly more effective and powerful cooker.

Polished aluminum though can be scratched and gouged if care is not taken, and if it is bent or deformed, such a blemish will remain permanent and would be remedied only by replacing the entire petal/panel. ( on the other hand,silver reflective vinyl surfaces can be spot and area patched, or resurfaced at a cost of pennies, whereas a polished aluminum panel cannot)

Solar Flame parts/pieces pre-shipment

Just like our Solar Burner Parabolic Cooker that we have offered for years from our site, this cooker comes from China, one of the largest solar cooker producing and using countries in the world alongside India. There are literally millions of solar cookers in use in these two countries; and much of it due to sheer necessity from poverty.

This particular cooker, the Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker, is of a high quality manufacture, and is built for rugged use in all kinds of situations and applications.

The manufacture and materials quality of the Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker is very close to that of our French Made Cookup200 parabolic cooker 

With the addition of this,our newest cooker,The Solar Flame, we now carry four parabolic cookers of varying sizes, designs and price points. 

Packing/shipping box for Solar Flame

Solar Flame Parabolic Cooker

Solar Flame
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