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students wondering about solar cooking

by Christina and Destiny

what would it be like if the entire world used solar ovens?
would it be better? or worse?


Thank you for your question and for your interest in solar cooking.
From the photo you added, it looks like you are already converted to the idea of solar cooking.

Is that your Global Sun Oven?

If all of the people in the world that have to cook over fires did not have to, and could use solar cookers instead of fires, it would help us reduce pollution by the the equivalent to the carbon dioxide produced by a car for each cooking fire.
If all of us here in the more modern countries like the USA would use solar cookers at least twice a week (more if you can) we could save hundreds of millions of dollars and save much electricity that also has to be produced at a cost, and even we would be helping to reduce pollution which is created in making electricity.

Best of all we could all enjoy the delicious results of food cooked by the power of the sun...


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Oct 05, 2012
Smoky flavor of barbeque.
by: Sharon Clausson

If you put a small amount of hickory or other wood in a small stainless steel portion cup and put it in the solar cooker then take a magnifying glass and ignite it through the glass cover you can get the smoked flavor. Also using smoked paprika will add some smoke flavor.

Sep 30, 2012
Meal Planning
by: Brad

Besides the energy savings, you would need to plan your meals wisely during winter months, especially breakfast, due to the lack of solar hours available. The average person would connect more with their food, as the cooking process would be slower and impulse eating would be harder to get away with.

Some would adapt easily to the lifestyle changes associated with solar cooking, and others would be miserable. Cooking devices for every type of food preparation would magically appear, and they probably would take up more space as the fuels the sun replaces, are more concentrated in their energy profiles.

Sep 29, 2012
Better - and Worse
by: Bruce

There are certain things that you simply could not cook with a solar oven (like real barbecue, or anything that is smoked.) So, for many, that would be a loss.

However, if all food was solar cooked, people would consume far less energy and generate much less pollution. That would be very good!

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