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The Hot Pot Volcano!

by Joyce Lee
(S UT)

Mixing the ingredients

Mixing the ingredients

I Spent A Fun Day This Week With 2 Of My Youngest three Grandsons Ages 1 And 3!

Even At Their Young Ages, I Try To Involve Them In Some Project With The Solar Cookers.
This Project Involved Letting The 3 Year Old Pour 2 Tbs. Of Water Into The Hot Pot Bowl And Heated It To 120 Degrees. Then he stirred In A Tbs. Of Quick Yeast To Dissolve It.

I Then Poured 1/2 C. Of Hydrogen Peroxide In An Empty Water Bottle And Let The 1 Year Old Add A Few Squirts Of Dawn Dish soap. And The 3 Year Old Put A Few Drops Of Red Food Color.

We Took Turns Swishing It Gently Around and Then I Poured In The Dissolved Yeast And WAHOO! Instant Volcano To Scare The Dinosaurs With!!!!

How Do Some Of You Play With Your Solar Cookers?


Great solar entertainment for the kids!

I have had people tell me of play dough they made on their parabolic cookers and a lady who re-made crayons with her solar oven and a lady who dyes yarn using her solar oven...

The possibilities are endless I would say.


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