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The Monday Curse Can't Stop A Dedicated Solar Cook!

by Joyce Lee

Grating the Squash with a wire grate

Grating the Squash with a wire grate

Today was a go to work with Hubby day and the sky was clear and beautiful telling me it would be a good cooking day.

As I picked a "just right" yellow squash to make some yummy, fragrant squash bread which is known in our family as "that smell" (because my young grandson asked me once if he could have some of "that smell"), I kept telling myself not to forget the bread pans or the grater. So that is exactly what I forgot!

I had just resigned myself to chopping the squash up in tiny pieces with a butter knife when my eyes lit upon my cooling rack. My brain said to me "that grid looks kind of abrasive. Maybe it would grate my squash!"
And it did!

I then put the batter into my two 7x11 cake pans and turned that nicely grated yellow squash into "that smell snack cake" and of course, the Monday curse had one more trick up its sleeve. I had to hold a ladder longer that I wanted too for my hubby so sometime while I wasn't looking, all the batter ran to one end and cooked in the oven instead of the pan!

Nooo problem! Ive done that before and learned that if you don't bother the batter while its still wet, it cleans up easier. Simply let it finish cooking and pull it right out! :-)

Anyone else have a real Monday now and then?

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Aug 26, 2014
Solar Cooking really is easy
by: Nathan

I have noticed that some people even with all of the conditions just right, and with a lot of planning and effort still can't seem to solar cook even a simple dish...At least that is what they claim.

And then there are others (many of us) who will solar cook anything and everything and persist until they (we) accomplish the task.

Some people give up after one feeble attempt and have determined in their minds that it does not work well to cook food with a solar cooker.

It really is not that hard to solar cook. ;)

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